Three 6 Mafia Names Song After Playstation

Memphis based group Three 6 Mafia named a song on there latest album Last To Walk after the PlayStation brand titled PlayStation.

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InMyOpinion3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I watched them perform live about a month ago. It was awesome.

Idonthatejustcreate3782d ago

I sure hope you got paid to see these skill-less retards rap...

BattleAxe3782d ago

Play witchyo playstation ! yeaaaahh motha $%#$%&&^%!

Love it, this is the new theme song.

thePatriot3782d ago

dont play with me play with playstation.
36 mafia (360) dont play with 360, play with playstation. got some gangsta fanboys in da house yo.

Beg For Mercy3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

i wished i could see them live but they never come to Milwaukee Wisconsin and it pisses me off cause i been liking them since the very beginning before they got really famous and this PlayStation song is great in my opinion.

InMyOpinion3782d ago

Me too. I watched them in Malmoe, Sweden lol!

ATLRoAcH3782d ago

I haven't got to see them live yet even though they're in Atlanta all the time. I've been listening to Three 6 Mafia for a long time. They've been around since the early 90s and only got popular when they got an Academy Award for their work in Hustle & Flow followed by Stay Fly's success. They've been known in the south for a long time. As soon as you hear the music from one of their songs you know it's 3 6. They're some of the best producers in the game.

InMyOpinion3782d ago

lol @ disagrees. Check their tour schedule if you don't believe me.

solidt123782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Hey man drive to Chicago to see them. My sister use to live in Milwaukee and she would drive there alot to see shows. I like there beats. They have a nice bounce to em.

Shane Kim3782d ago

lol I'm from Malmoe, Sweden. When were they here?

InMyOpinion3782d ago

Here you have Three 6 Mafia saying it.

They played at Inkonst, May 22nd.

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Rice3782d ago

3 6 mafia, project pat, bow wow ITs going down..

Beg For Mercy3782d ago

if they ever come to Milwaukee Im going to see them they make the sickest beats in the industry.

InMyOpinion3782d ago

It was only DJ Paul & Juicy J who performed when I watched them but they were energetic as h3ll. One thing I loved about the show was that they only did 1-1½ min on each song. That way they had time to rap to about 30-40 different tunes. Very cool. I wish Project Pat was there though. I'd love to see Lord Infamous aka Scarecrow live as well, one of the original members who left.

Viktor E3782d ago

I fully expect more influential and talented Musicians to create songs about the most successful brand in Video gaming,look out for Mariah Careys upcoming ballad titled "Kutaragi in my Heart"

whoknew3782d ago


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