Declining Influence? - Japanese Game Developers Nearly Absent From E3 Awards Lists

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Japanese game developers, arguably the most influential video game creation community in history, are on the verge of nearly being shut out at this year's E3 Games Critics Awards.

The list of 71 nominations for this year's awards lists only 12 nods to the work of Japanese creators, few of which are likely to take top honors when the winners are announced in the coming days.

The 12 nominees includes multiple nominations for "Resident Evil 5" and a heavy Japanese presence in two categories: three of four nominated best fighting games ("Soul Calibur IV" and two versions of "Street Fighter") as well as two of three nominated best new pieces of hardware (Wii MotionPlus and the "Lips" microphone)."

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yankeebrit3755d ago

what do you epext

these people wont be the grest forever. the west is overtaking them

Overr8ed3755d ago

great another Yankeespawn... no really its him.

pwnsause3755d ago

??? oh this idiot again.

Overr8ed3755d ago

Tokyo Game Show is where they show their stuff, they hardy ever show the great stuff in E3.

Bangadoshish3755d ago

They have their OWN E3,called the Tokyo Game Show?

Chandresh Patel3755d ago

I suppose we should expect all the Western Devs to show up at TGS?

Zerodin3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Time to let Westerns devs back in the driver seat, after so many years it will swing back to J-devs.

Edit: What? Did I hurt the feelings of the weeaboos?

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