Game Critics Announce Best of E3 Winners

Fallout 3 and LittleBigPlanet tied for the game with the most awards handed out for this year's Game Critics Best of E3 awards.

Fallout 3 landed the coveted Best of Show award as well as Best Role Playing Game, while LittleBigPlanet landed Best Console Game and Best Social/Casual/Puzzle Game. However LBP was passed up for Best Original Game, with Mirror's Edge getting the nod instead.

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unsunghero283786d ago

That's great.

..And... I don't want to start up a flamewar or anything... but it occurred to me that the PS3 is the only platform on which you can get both Fallout 3 and LittleBigPlanet.

Maybe this really is the year of the PS3.

cahill3786d ago

However it got the award for the BEST CONSOLE GAME


fallout 3 is a good game too

tatotiburon3786d ago

you forgot tha xbox 360 is the only plataform where you can get the excusive DLC for Fallout....and please don't start with the argument that nobody will still playing Fallout when DLC came out.

Kratos Spartan3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

that what you just posted is a contradiction. You said you don't want to start a flamewar, but then BAM!!! you mention how those games are on the PS3, and then say that this just might be the year of the PS3. Ummm...this is N4G. You should know better. You've already poured the gas with those statements. Tsk Tsk...

Edit: see? 2 minutes too late

cahill3786d ago

DLC doesnt matter cuz Fallout 3 wont sell as much as LBP
Fallout 3 isnt a game for all
aslo Fallout 3 competes against behemoths like LBP/GEARS 2/RESISTANCE 2/FABLE 2/MOTORSTORM 2 this fall

u can easily determine its sales figures. Not everyone likes a Fallout game

cmrbe3786d ago

Touting DLC i see. Where is GTA4 DLC btw?. LBP and Fallout will be on the PS3 this year.

AllroundGamer3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

if someone didn't get it, tatotiburon is talking about the Horse Armor Fallout 3 will get, as a bonus in DLC. And we all know, you just can't play the game without it :D

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dude_uk3786d ago

i lurrrvve the fact that killzone 2 wasn't even mentioned...


cahill3786d ago

the multiplayer footage was only released in the form of a trailer

there was just a SP mission which was displayed at e3. It was the old trailer which SONY showed at GDC

cmrbe3786d ago

on games coming out this year as well as new IP's

MK_Red3786d ago

And Fallout 3 wins the ULTIMATE award as the BEST game of the E3. In your face haters. Fallout 3 will pwn!

1. Fallout 3
2. LittleBigPlanet
3. Spore

cahill3786d ago

1. LBP

come on LBP and SPORE offers so much. they are just gaming on a next level

MK_Red3786d ago

Well, Fallout 3 is also the next level. Fallout 2 is still beyond any RPG and even a fraction of its depth and quality (Fallout 3) is beyond current level. Still there is no denying Spore and LBP's uber awesomeness.

The other choice could have been a 3 way tie between Fallout 3, LBP and Spore.

jmare3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

This is going to get so extra flamey in here, I'm almost surprised it hasn't yet.

EDIT: 8 minutes later and there it goes.

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