SOMA is a better game than BioShock

BioShock is arguably one of the most influential games ever — certainly of the last generation. It changed expectations for narrative-heavy, single-player-focused games, and for atmosphere and level design in first-person titles. It changed everything.

And the recently-released indie horror game SOMA does everything BioShock tried to do, and does it better.

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Bansai1138d ago

I disagree, I prefer a game that offers me more than just walking and hiding in a corner from time to time.

Omnisonne1138d ago

Yeah, Im loving Soma but Bioshock definitely had more to it gameplay wise.

MysticStrummer1138d ago

I doubt it, but I'll find out for myself soon enough.

Two-Face1138d ago

I enjoyed SOMA more than BioShock. BioShock was an OK game. BioShock Infinite was trash, and is the most overrated game in history imo.

thereapersson1138d ago

I don't agree that BioShock was trash, because that game is one of the most memorable games I've played in the last 10 years. This is coming from someone who grew up during the days when PC gaming was king and console gaming was something of a home novelty in the 90's. Storytelling and gaming experiences could be matched by few console games at the time, and PC games gave birth to many gameplay conventions.

System Shock was AAA material that lives on even today, and I liked what BioShock took from that series and melded with console aesthetics.

XBLSkull1138d ago

Yeah BioShock may have been the best game of last generation, not my favorite but it is what it is. I very well may pick up SOMA before too long, but I doubt it is as good as BioShock, and the reviews tend to agree with me - not saying it is a bad game though.

MazzingerZ1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

He wrote Bioshock Infinite was thrash not The first One.

I kind of agree with him, I do not think it is trash of course, Nice graphics and gameplay but for me it never took felt like whole game was a long first level...didn't beat it, tired of all the back tracking at what I assumed was the final chapter.

Besides I played it right after the Last of Us and it felt weird hearing Joel again but now in Bioshock lol

Have Yet To play SOMA, though but definitely first Bioshock was awesome

guyman1138d ago

If you think bioshock infinite was trash then Im extremely interested in what you games you think are "good"

iTzFumbbles1138d ago

im wondering the same thing to? his standards must be off the fucking charts or he has no clue how to tell what a good game is even if it smacked him in the face

wellard1138d ago


(and this will blow your mind)

he has different tastes in games to you.

SolidDuck1138d ago

The first bioshock is one of my favorite games of last Gen. Infinite on the other hand, i also thought was trash, I couldn't force myself to finish it.

guyman1138d ago


Sorry, that didnt blow my mind.

MysticStrummer1138d ago

Trash is one of the most overused words these days, at least when it comes to opinions about games.

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Hoffmann1138d ago

Gran Turismo is better than Super Mario Kart.

What, you say you can't compare those games with each other? But they are both racing games!!

fitfox1138d ago

Of course, a new game is considered better, time reveals all

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