No Surprise Dept: Jack Thompson Wades into Thai GTA Case

Via GamePolitics: "You knew it was only a matter of time.

In the wake of reports that a 19-year-old Thai man murdered a cab driver after playing Grand Theft Auto, embattled Miami attorney Jack Thompson has written a menacing e-mail to the top executives of Take-Two Interactive, publisher of the controversial series.

In the e-mail to T2 chairman Strauss Zelnick and CEO Ben Feder (and copied to dozens of other people, including GamePolitics), Thompson writes:

'I warned you both that copycat killings by teens would occur upon the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Now my prediction has come true...'"

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egm_hiphopgamer3758d ago

Hey look this is the HipHopGamer of the HipHopGamerShow i just smashed on Jack Thompson go here and check it out or 8/3/08 in the beginning of the show aight. i knew he was gonna open his big mouth about this. you know what so funny. you talk about copy cat. how about a movie like oceans eleven they teaches you step by step a master plan on how to rob casinos, or what about , a movie like the Saw serious that teaches how to be successful serial killer i mean come on games, movie , the news we watch everyday, all have things that's negative in it but the fact is that grand theft auto is not the reason why this man killed somebody, if that's the case then money is the reason people are dying everyday. Money is nothing but a peace of green paper but people are robbed,shot,stabbed,trained to kill, all sort of things over this green peace of paper with a number on it but do we blame money no you blame the person that did it this guy did this crime because he wanted to commit a crime period.

Lifendz3758d ago

to the gaming youth.

But people wanna wild, smoke cess, drink beer...and aint trying to hear what you kicking in their ear.

HipHopgamer leading the rally of gamers against guys like Thompson. Time for us to fight back. Tired of these guys politicizing games.

Kratos Spartan3758d ago

I guess a game can go out, buy a gun, buy some ammo, put the ammo in the gun, and then use a human host to go out, point said gun at another human, squeeze the trigger of said gun, causing said ammo to release and decease.

Jack Thompson: Yes your Honor, that is what GTA can do. Take-Two has created some Alien technology that uses us humans to take us out. And I'm the only one who knows about it, your Honor. I'm not crazy! 'enter the men in white coats' wha?!...GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!...I'M NOT CRAZY!...YOU'LL SEE WE'RE ALL DOOMED!...TAKE-TWO IS...CONSPIRACY...AHHHHHH!!!!