UGO: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars details revealed

UGO writes: "One of our readers took part in a survey recently about an "upcoming game." The survey featured a series of questions which were surprisingly specific. We can't actually post the survey, but we can transcribe the pertinent questions for your reading enjoyment, as he described them to us. The first handful of questions are pretty innocuous (how old are you, which consoles do you have, etc...). Things start to get good by question 16, though:

16. Please grade each of the following game features on how interesting they'd be for a Nintendo DS game...."

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Zerodin3784d ago

Giant. Robotic. Chinamen.

Will_Smith3784d ago

"smart Police and Pedestrian AI"

oh please, they're not even that smart in GTA4, so don't hold your breath DS owners

PoorDroids3784d ago

Let alone PSPee owners with the PS2 ports, right?

SynGamer3784d ago

Kind of sounds like they could be gearing this towards the PSP as well...which would be great.

DrJones3784d ago

Don't get why you got 5 disagrees there. What you say is all good, ah... i know.. more of them gta4 haters. Nuke gta4 or be nuked eh?
I'm getting tired of the conformity in opinion regarding gta4. People dont think for them selves anymore, they just puke out the same opinions
as all the others just because it's "in" at the moment. Pfft...

jinn3783d ago

isnt this controversial for the DS?