Three ProSIM Titles Added to Digital Distribution

IGN reports: "Modern warfare enthusiasts will be excited to learn that Shrapnel Games has now made available for immediate download three more titles from the undisputed masters of bringing the modern battlefield to your desktop, the ProSIM Company. Gamers can now experience the thrill of armor clashes in the Middle East, an airmobile assault at the top of the world and an infantry landing at the bottom, all within minutes of purchase. Not only that, but gamers get the best of both worlds: an immediate download to start playing right away and a physical copy shipped quickly to your door, where ever that door may be, all at one great price.

Joining other dual-media titles already available for download by ProSIM are The Falklands War: 1982, The Star and the Crescent, and ProSIM's latest titles, Air Assault Task Force. All three titles are available only for the Windows OS."

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