'Diablo III' Designer Explains Why Necromancer Was Cut, Hints At Return

MTV Multiplayer reports:

"Although many "Diablo" fans have expressed fondness for the Necromancer from "Diablo II," lead "Diablo III" designer Jay Wilson confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that the character class will not appear in the initial release of the game.

When the team was choosing which classes to include in the long-awaited sequel for Blizzard's best-selling action-RPG series, they decided to create a brand-new one - the Witch Doctor. And with only five classes in the game, "Diablo III" just didn't have room for two curse-dealing, pet-wielding classes.

Here's Blizzard's explanation for why the Witch Doctor replaced the Necromancer..."

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Daxx3723d ago

If there's enough demand for the necromancer Blizzard will just put that class in the Diablo 3 expansion. But I'm not complaining. The witch doctor looks very awesome. It's pretty much the new necromancer only with Voodoo spells and what not.

Diugu3723d ago

Or the Necromancer in the picture looks better than the witch doctor. I mean... as if the game with the Necro was the new game. hehehehe

Oh well... I played Diablo 2 with my Necromancer for a long time and the Witch Doctor looks weird and gay. I hope I am wrong. I always used the Assassin, the Barbarian or the Necromancer... but mostly the Necro.

Altered_Soul3723d ago

The Witch Doctor is an extreme closeup of in game graphics, while the necro pics are from the prerendered artistic character selection screen of Diablo II. Thats why one looks a lot better than the other in that shot.

I am nostalgic for the Necro, but if they bring him back in a certain capacity in an expansion, that would be very cool. D2 didn't bring back any of the first ones characters in any way, since the gameplay mechanic was different. I am looking forward to new ways of using characters in D3 (I hope).

I drool over the possibility of mixing classes somehow, not as broad as D1, but not as restrictive as D2.

PikkonX3723d ago

Aw man, that's my favorite class too. I hope they at least put in the Sorcerer then.

ThanatosDMC3723d ago

That sucks... i like building up a skeleton army plus revives plus golem...

Charlie26883723d ago

I <3 the Necromancer :P

So far the Witch Doctor seems to be a mix between the Necro and the Druid O.o

Hopefully they will bring the Necro back in the expansion with even more cool stuff :D

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The story is too old to be commented.