PS3 80GB MGS4 Bundle No. 1 at Amazon

By Marcus Lai:

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle ranked as the No. 1 best-selling product at on Mon. on increased demand for the SKU.
On Tues., the MGS4 PS3 80GB bundle ranked as the No. 1 item in Amazon's Video Games division, holding a 100 percent increase in sales.

The product previously held a No. 2 sales position the day prior. It recently held at No. 3 for one week.

The MGS4 PS3 80GB SKU includes a copy of the Metal Gear Solid 4 game and a Dualshock 3 controller for $499.99.

Additionally, the bundle has sold out at and on high demand.

Sony this month recorded a Q1 profit of $50.5 million (5.4 billion yen) profit in its game division compared to a loss of $273.3 million (29.2 billion yen) one year prior.

Sony has sold 14.4 million PS3 units worldwide to date.

The electronics giant will retail a new $399 PS3 80GB SKU this fall, representing a $100 price cut from the current 80GB model

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cahill3731d ago

but some retailers are reporting shortages of ps3 40 gig so we will see. However the 80 gig is selling like crazy so I am expecting July NPD to be as good as June's if not bettter

clintos593731d ago

Since I havent seen any news on that sku but I know the MGS4 bundle is selling out almost everywhere. I think it has to do with BC in these sku's aswell and if u are a big fan of BC, then this is the best bundle pack for u or maybe even the last of them so I can see this bundle selling very well for a while until the demand dies out or no one wants to fork out 500 dollars anymore but as for now, it seems like people dont care about the price because they know its a great deal regaurdless and u get one of the best games to come out this next gen aswell. :)

cahill3731d ago

MGS4 80 gig bundle sales is enough to offset ant 40 gig shortage. However i am not too sure about any shortage or whatever. Ofcourse that VGCRAP says lot of BS. after all those numbers are just guesstimates with 1m x360 sales inflation

I am expecting 300k-400k ps3s in July
around 250k -300k x360s since x360 had a price cut

IdleLeeSiuLung3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I think a lot of the sales comes for three reasons:

1) Shortage of 40GB PS3

2) Backwards Compatibility

3) Cost of going from 40GB PS3 to 80GB PS3 and the MGS4 game is negligable, but you get DS3 + BC. That is a good value proposition if you are only considering the PS3.

4) This only applies to, but in general sells a lot of high end electronics due to no taxes as well. So things are a little inflated on costly items at

I don't expect sales of the PS3 to be nearly as good as June in July though. This hopefully forces MS to be more competitive.

dude_uk3731d ago

i dunno...

why are you asking me, why i am asking?

clintos593731d ago

Because u asked a question. :P

Sheddi3731d ago

bubbles+! to both of u!

dude_uk3731d ago

rhetorical question :P

clintos593730d ago

Fair enough lol and bubbles back to all of u. :)

dude_uk3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


4 more for my eighth bubble...
if only people's sense of humor were switched on...
i'd be there by now.


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juuken3731d ago

My friend finally bought a PS3 because of this game.
He said the game rocks.

4D3731d ago

You dont have any friends.

juuken3731d ago

And I assume you have some?
I have plenty of friends. :]

clintos593730d ago

Good on him/her I think it is really a good deal. I would rather see sony have a price cut with this bundle pack but I guess they do have a reason since they been losing so much money off every system that sells. Anyways glad to see your friend enjoyed the game because I know me and many other people enjoyed it aswell. :)

superman3731d ago

Why is it whenever this gets to No.1 its always posted as news here.

clintos593731d ago

People saying MGS4 wasnt a system seller. Maybe it has to do with how MGS4 bundled with a 500 dollar system can sell so well. I mean seriously when it comes to the wii, people are like wow we didnt expect it to sell out and yet people forget its only a 250 dollar system. But when u see MGS4 Bundles that are double the price of the wii and it is selling out at Amazon, Best Buys, Wal Mart, and EB Games. I guess thats nothing spectacular that the wii couldnt do. Just like hiphop gamer said, u put the wii at the price of the ps3 and try an sell well as the ps3, I can bet u anything it wont sell as well as it is now and would be in dead last. That is why this is news worthy to me and many other MGS4 fans.

Bnet3433731d ago

It's selling because it's packed with the game, of course its gonna sell

gamersday083730d ago

Superman, if 360 comes out #1 in Amazon, you can post it here too but sadly that has not happened. So, don't get jealous.

Kigmal, even it's not bundled with any game, 80GB PS3 will still sell out. Wanna bet?

Omega43731d ago

The first AAA game the PS3 has and every little detail about it is posted.

Lucky AAA games rarely appear on the PS3 since this sites news would get really boring

clintos593731d ago

Since it did get over 100 game sites that gave it a perfect score, so ill say it was an AAAA-AAA.

Kyur4ThePain3731d ago

Well, seeing as you took the time to click on the story AND post a comment, I'd say you're pretty excited about the news. Good for you!

cahill3731d ago

isnt that AAA

also by AAA exclusive do u mean games which are being paid to get good reviews??

AAA exclusives --u mean games which are on PC too

everyone report this guy please

poopsack3731d ago

lol that means gears of war and halo arent AAA neither beceause uncharted was only 4% lower than them, and was because of lack of multiplayer. Or is it that PS3 exclusives must be 10/10 games to be AAA while other consoles' 80/100 are AAA's as well?

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