TGR's Rumor Killers: Left 4 Dead PS3, Xbox Price Cut, and Max Payne 3

TGR - "After churning out the great Grand Theft Auto 4 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and with Midnight Club LA coming very soon, what else has infamous developer Rockstar got in store for everyone? According to the Official Playstation Magazine, Rockstar is hard at work on a 'new' IP based on a 'cool license.'"

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predator3756d ago

Left 4 Dead might come to PS3 but wont be in till 6 or so months if that.

360 Price cut is going to happen and when it does things are going to get interesting to say the least

Max Payne 3 would be amazing...lets hope on that one

cain1413756d ago

I just hope that Left 4 Dead gets ported well if it gets ported... If not don't even bother doing it.

power of Green 3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

L4D on PS3?, nah.

It could come at some time, if there is a company wanting to port it down the road assuming what ever deal MSFT made is over.

To say it is coming to PS3 because it can is bold(FF13 Versus can/could come to 360 but the devs say no right now).

juuken3756d ago

I really want a Max Payne 3. The first one was pretty good.

solidt123756d ago

If Left 4 Dead doesn't come to the PS3 then that's a lost for EA, and Valve. Just less piles of money for them to collect. I want to play this game but it's nothing to cry over with so many great games coming out this year and beyond.

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cain1413756d ago

I never got into Max Payne, but I'd love to see a new one... As long as it doesn't coincide with the movie...

Alexander Roy3756d ago

Well, maybe I'm alone with that, but:

No L4D port > TOB-like port by EA

If they ever port the game, I want them porting over the quality as well and don't just cash in with it.

cain1413756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

lol I agree completely... In fact I said that same thing above you...

lol Don't worry about it... They need to ban that guy in the Open Zone...

Alexander Roy3756d ago

Sorry cain, didn't mean to copy you. Just followed some links and landed in the Open Zone section (take a look, you might understand me then) of this article and didn't read the Gamer Zone afterwards, just needed to type something on topic to cool down again.

BiggDaddy3113756d ago

Could be a real big deal this holiday season. I hope they both cut prices so that more can enjoy HD gaming. Sony needs to come up with a lower SKU if they are going to phase out the 40 gig model. I think they should keep the 40 gig and lower it to 299. which would be the same price of an Xbox. and do a 120g model with backward compatibility. Then just remind people in their marketing strategy that the 360 has a 80% failure rate and add 50 bucks a year to the console cost for Live and the fact after 3 years they will have no warrenty on the machine so they will have to buy a new one. They should do just fine.

cain1413756d ago

I doubt it is as high as 80% for the failure rate... But Sony needs to make people think it is that high...

power of Green 3756d ago

I dissagree with that goofy take.

darthv723756d ago

80% failure...that is funny.

$50 for live, maybe if they stress competitive play. Otherwise MS does a good job of saying %90 of live is free for silver members.

3 warranty ending...not really. Maybe for the 05 systems considering this is 08. Yet MS has said their coverage for RROD is 3 years from mfg date (or was it date of purchase??). How long is Sony's warranty?

Sony should bring back the 60gb sku (sans b/c) and sell it for the same price of $299. That way people will see they are equal on the hdd storage and it will have to come down to quality of games and inclusion of bluray.

BiggDaddy3113756d ago

Yes the 80 % number is a joke, but I think it is really high. Seriously I mean this, I have never met anyone that owns a 360 that has not broke at least once. Which is why so many own both consoles. As far as the 3 year warrenty goes. It will expire and the 360 in my opionion has a 80% mortality rating. Sony doesn't need a Warrenty. Last I checked they where not charging people to fix problem machines from firmware updates. There is a manufactures warrenty on all Sony products but we are not as aware of it because the machines are some of the most relilbe in the world.

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