Dark Knight Xbox 360 spotted in Taiwan

At a MS game exhibition in Taipei, Microsoft Taiwan confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII would be available for the Xbox 360 in Taiwan although exact details about localized versions were not confirmed. In addition to this, a Dark Knight themed Xbox 360 was spotted at the show...

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Mr PS33578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

A Perfectly Good Bat Insignia
Put an Xbox on it

Ha Ha
If you look at the picture close up
The Damm things got RRoD
what a pile of crap

Eiffel3578d ago

Stupid Fanboy, We get it you have Blu-ray...woo now make a good game with it and stop talking Sh!T. Atleast most 360 fanboys I've met have decent intelligence all sony fanboys are down right Bat sh!t retarded.

cr33ping_death3578d ago

ummm xbox fanboys with decent intelligence? ummmmmmm are you new to this website? it goes the other way around as well.

Zerodin3578d ago

Sorta like how it's a waste of a perfectly good Spiderman font.

TheMART3578d ago

Just report MRPOS3's post as SPAM

Click away on that spam button with that guy

whoknew3578d ago

I just reported Mr POS3RD post as SPAM.

F'n azzhole T_T.

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Overr8ed3578d ago

Why is this in the Ps3 section, someone wants to flame when their is no Fuel. really nobody would care about a Dark Knight logo on the 360 (Ps3)

MorganX3578d ago

I blogged about why the PS3 should do a Dark Knight edition with the Bluray when its available. Got lukewarm response, thought there might be interest in PS3 camp knowing MS may already be on it. Of course, they can never bundle the Bluray...

juuken3578d ago

I like the look of it.

meepmoopmeep3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

hope i can find that one when i get a 360.
edit: forget it, i think this has to be won or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.