Home Beta Expanding to the Media

It looks like Home is moving toward completion. Jump to the source for more info. Enjoy!

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Surfman3782d ago

I guess its a good sign that Home's development is going fine. We could expect a release before winter 08, or at least the public beta.

RSX3782d ago

Where is this thing? Sony sure are taking their sweet time with this. I'm actually starting to loose interest in it, Just hurry up and release Sony i want to show off my uncharted trophies in 3D.

Fishy Fingers3782d ago

Public beta opens in Fall/August 08. So the wait shouldnt but much longer.

juuken3782d ago

I can't wait for it. :3

poopsack3782d ago

yes, id much rather have a glitchy, unfinished, rushed product than wait and not have xbots, OMGZ home is teh suck, the furniturez is floating! even though they're gonna be there anyway. OMGZ second life is teh only avatar service in the world!

Lifendz3782d ago

I was getting skeptical. With all the media guys--1up yours in particular--making statements like "it's not coming out", I almost started to feel the same way. And honestly, after trophies, in-game xmb, custom soundtracks...I'm kinda good with the PSN.

So yeah, this is a great sign. I know the usual people will kill home for not being absolutely perfect, but it could really be something special.

And if it stinks it's not like we're forced to use it.

RSX3782d ago

Yes i meant hurry and release it, as in hurry and release the finished product.
Who would want a broken home?(no pun intended) That would give the bots something to flame us about.

Idonthatejustcreate3781d ago

We will still get it for FREE =D

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Nitrowolf23782d ago

cant wait to get it when it come out.

Question: Offtopic:can someone give me a link to what the phone call said for project abraham . i recieve it but wasnt paying attention

DJ3782d ago

Too accomodate for this application, as well as the PS3's firmware. I wouldn't be surprised if they released the HOME public beta (1.0 version) within the next few weeks. They need to push it out before Microsoft's Avatar/Dashboard update.

4cough3782d ago

Home is like a long running joke but a joke that just aint funny.

Fishy Fingers3782d ago

Please dont click on thread purely in the hopes of stirring up trouble. Or at least learn your Place, the Open Zone.

juuken3782d ago

Just like Microsoft and their Mii's?

MaximusPrime3781d ago

4cough you are an idiot. thanks goodness that you were banned from EU PS forum.

Infernus3781d ago

Home is far from a joke, in fact it's one thing that'll put PSN above XBL.

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The story is too old to be commented.