In 3 PlayStation VR Games, I Had: Fun, My Intelligence Insulted, and Motion Sickness

At the Tokyo Game Show, I learned one solid fact about virtual reality headsets: you cannot wear one and look good.

I also learned that I like some games in VR, others not so much. I also also learned that even a guy like me, who neeeever gets motion sick on roller coasters, planes, boats, or in cars, can become queasy after just a few minutes of the right (wrong?) game.

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RedDragan1167d ago

I got queasy when playing Elite, not because of the technology but because I am afraid of heights. I didn't get the feeling in any other game I tried but I admit I avoided that base jumping on purpose because of my vertigo problem.

All in all from my experiences the new VR era has great potential, but I still haven't tried out the PSVR yet.

SaveFerris1167d ago

I've seen this article before, back when the podcast was submitted last week.

Summer Lesson is just a demo at the moment and I'm sure that the graphics and interactions with the characters can be improved. Developers will find ways to exploit VR technology as they become more familiar with it and gamers will get to enjoy new, more immersive experiences. I can't wait to try out the headsets.