Honest Gamers Review: Women's Volleyball Championship

Honest Gamers reorts:

''Women's Volleyball Championship for PlayStation 2 had promise. That statement might start some readers to snickering, but such folks were never the game's target audience and they're not even the people I have in mind as I write this review. The individual that I want to reach is the person-male or female-who likes volleyball and is interested in a serious effort to capture the sport's professional side (you know, the part that isn't about bikini-clad girls playing in the sand).

Visually and aurally, the game gets off to a good start. You'll be treated to a sweeping trip around the gym before each match. You'll watch the athletes making practice volleys to one another and you'll see them raise hands to their chests as their country's anthem plays. Likewise, the people on the loud speakers will provide running commentary. They don't make efforts to be humorous-thank you for that, AgeTec-and they generally do a good job of keeping up with the action as it unfolds. Crowds are lively as well, even if lacking in animation (sometimes it looks like just a mass spasm in the background) and their approving murmurs as matches get heated is handled well. Aside from the uncommon exceptions that stand out merely because they're so unusual, all of the ladies engaged on the court move fluidly. In short, the game looks and sounds exactly as you would expect and hope.''

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