Game Positive Review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Michael Pugliese reports:

''Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved has always been one of those games that you either "get" or don't. It was also arguably the reason for the initial success of Microsoft's Live Arcade service. The simple but challenging gameplay was enough to garner the hardcore, while the casual titles held over everybody else. The good news is that if you liked the first game, Retro Evolved 2 offers just enough additional content and subtle changes to the series to warrant a purchase. However, if you didn't, then you'll likely still be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Like the previous games, this latest Geometry Wars is a dual-stick shooter. You move your shape around using the left stick and you aim and fire with the right. It's a simple formula that's been done before, but the first Retro Evolved was a game that truly refined the genre for this generation. Retro Evolved 2 doesn't make many changes to this core gameplay, but does provide a few minor improvements over its predecessor. The multiplier system has been completely redone this time around, now relying on pick-ups known as Geoms, which were originally seen in Geometry Wars: Galaxies for the DS. Instead of being dependent on the amount of time you spend alive, your multiplier is now determined by the number of Geoms you acquire from destroyed enemies. When you die, this multiplier does not reset, which definitely makes the experience a bit more manageable if you're gunning for high scores. In addition, weapon power-ups no longer exist, leaving you with only the default machine gun-like weapon to dispatch the geometry. While this omission may be a disappointment for long-time fans, it doesn't have too drastic of an effect on the game, which is still fun regardless.''

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