Interview: Massive's Jay Sampson on Destructible Advertisement in Mercenaries 2

Sean Hollister writes:

''A little over two weeks ago, GameCyte brought you news that Mercenaries 2: World in Flames would not only feature in-game advertisements, but would also - true to form - let you blow them to kingdom come. As a dedicated proponent of realistic, contextual in-game advertising, I was personally greatly pleased by the discovery, but soon wondered: how could ad provider Massive let this happen? What Microsoft executive in their right mind would sign off on a game that lets gamers blow up their bottom line? Had rebels at developer Pandemic staged some sort of coup?

Jay Sampson MassiveThen again, it's awfully hard to draw a bead on a nice destructible billboard without… you know… looking at it. Might the newfound interactivity make in-game advertising more profitable than ever before? Could Massive track which advertisements we gamers choose or choose not to destroy, and target us that much more precisely with future ads?

To answer these questions and many others, we spoke with Jay Sampson, Massive's vice president of global sales. In part one of this two-part interview, Sampson explains how Mercs isn't the first game to feature destructible Massive ads, and why it won't be the last''

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