Gamecyte Review: Reset Generation

Gamecyte reports:

''Back in May, GameCyte attended the unveiling of Nokia's mysterious "Project White Rock," a new game for the phone giant's relaunched N-Gage platform. That game turned out to be Reset Generation, a retro-themed head-to-head puzzle/boardgame/combat mashup which would also be free available, for free, on PC. We later had the chance to play Reset Generation on its intended mobile platform, and fully explore the game's single-player and multi-player modes. With several dozen princesses now rescued (lord knows how our castle can contain them all), we're pleased to report that Reset Generation makes a fine addition to one's mobile gaming lineup - and you'd be a fool not to give the free PC version a whirl. You know, since it's free, and all.

FaceoffReset Generation is a collection of every gaming cliché, cultural reference, inside joke, and archetype that developers RedLynx could find. The objective, as such, is the oldest and most time-honored video game task: Rescue the Princess. Each player in a 2-4 player game has a princess of his own, and should another player "rescue" that princess out from under him, he will be eliminated from the game, awarding victory to the last player standing. The game, which is turn-based, works out to be a mix of strategy and luck, with more emphasis falling on the latter as the number of players increases.''

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