PS3 Fanboy: Qore's Veronica Belmont makes Playboy's list of hottest bloggers

PS3 Fanboy reports:

''Imagine how many more hits we would've gotten if we chose our alternate headline, "Qore's Veronica Belmont featured in Playboy." But, that would've been misleading. The host of PlayStation's monthly video magazine won't be posing nude in an upcoming issue. Rather, she's been (rightfully) recognized as one of the web's hottest bloggers.''

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Chuck Norris3781d ago

Belmont looks weird in some angles.

Montrealien3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

And she plays WoW. She is a good host and is good at what she does. I don`t think we can ever expect her to pose though, or can we?....

Will_Smith3781d ago

she always looked very average to me, maybe its time to take a second look... a "deeper" look lol

Overr8ed3781d ago

Smash or Pass? Eh... this is a tough one. i agree she looks weird is some pictures, in other ones she looks alright.

Sk8boyP3781d ago

Yeah, and they say Qore was worthless. Veronica Belmont in 1080p FTW!!!

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