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Submitted by Captain Tuttle 3343d ago | review

CheapyD's Motorstorm (PS3) Review

The following article is based off the Japanese retail version of Motorstorm, which was released on December 14th.

Motorstorm is a great looking off-road racing game that plays well too. Unfortunately, this solid racing and graphics engine is wrapped in a package so bare bones, it makes Lindsay Lohan appear obese and the game difficult to recommend. (MotorStorm, PS3) -

MicroGamer  +   3343d ago
It's boring, basically
"If you’ve downloaded the demo from the PS3 online store, or played it at a kiosk at your local retailer, you have already experienced most of what the game has to offer"

That above, says it all. No reason at all to buy it once you've played the demo. He says it only displays in 480p and 720p. What happened to all that filming in 1080p that we saw in the developer interview video?? So it's pretty much repetitive with no options beyond racing and using the sixaxis functions in this game is less precise than using the sticks and buttons. What is the purpose of sixaxis, if the sticks work better?? The wait for a killer app for the PS3 continues.
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Gears  +   3343d ago
No killer apps yet for the PS3
LOL IF you WAIT they will come. Motorstorm looked ugly as hell at target. Like a game from 2003.
Rooted_Dust  +   3343d ago
What were you expecting
"no options beyond racing and using the sixaxis"

Umm you were expecting something other than racing? RPG elements or an in-depth story line. Take it for what it is, a fun racer that showcases the PS3 graphical power, and saying it looks like a game from 2003 only goes to show your blind ignorance, the Target demo is an early build, the game has had many updates since the demo was released. I'm not sure why they released a cut-down version of the game in Japan but the US version will have more features. As far as CheapyD's review is concerned I've never heard of him so I'll take everything he says with a grain of salt. It's sad that some people can be so bitter about a game.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   3343d ago
rooted dust
just as sad as the way people can't accept other peoples' OPINIONS about a game. everybody has to jump in and defend things all of the time. if it looks like 2003 graphics to him, that's him. i know it wouldn't look like it does on the ps2 or xbox, but it's not the best looking game ever. it looks better than some 360 games, not all of them. tell me why you like it if i don't. 9 out of 10, you're not going to get somebody to change their mind. if you say you like something, i'll tell you why i don't like it or vice versa. some people will like this game, some won't. that's all there is to it.
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r1000  +   3343d ago
The wait for a killer app for the PS3 continues. your Gears of War that took a year...
Rooted_Dust  +   3343d ago
Former questionmark
If everyone accepted everyone elses opinions no one would post. Welcome to the real world, people argue and disagree, such is life. I choose to take things at face value, not demonize them for what they are not. If I feel someones opinion is overzealos or ignorant I will call them on it, thats just how it is, and singling me out won't change it.
Grown Folks Talk  +   3343d ago
rooted dust
did i not say tell me why you feel a certain way about it? that's what debating, arguing is. "Take it for what it is, a fun racer that showcases the PS3 graphical power," that's not debating, that's telling them to see it your way. maybe it's not fun to them. people disagree and argue because they have different tastes than others. you appear to look at things casually and just take things as they are. most of the die hards here aren't like that. they aren't satisfied unless everything is perfect (which nothing ever is). i know it's human nature for people to complain. i'm not going to say this game won't be fun, because that's not true. i do know however, that it won't be fun to me. yes it will look better than the demo, but i'm not playing graphics, i'm playing the game. sorry if you felt i was attacking you, that's not what i was trying to do. just replying to your post the same as you did to theirs. i do respect the fact that you at least do it without being an @ss like most people here do.
THWIP  +   3343d ago
No score given, so it's tough to call this a true "review"...
...but given his comments, I'd guess about a 7.5/10
Funky Town_TX  +   3343d ago
Lack of content ?
But with 50 gigs of space how could this be. I just hope dev don't end up spending too much time on grapics and physics and ignore the options/gameplay. GEARS of WAR is a good example of this. GOW has great gameplay and graphics but it lacks options. I love options. I play Rainbow six the most now. The graphics/physics suck compared to GOW, but the options are great. I hope we (gamers) expect more from dev. IN the long run we make games great not the dev. BTW, we do play $60 plus for these titles.
big_tim  +   3343d ago
It seems they rushed it...
They had to have it out in Jap before the end of the year yet they are adding multiplayer to it for the rest of the world. Hopefully as Cheapy said they will add more to it. If not, it will be disappointing.
Lex Luthor  +   3343d ago
Haha, the fanboy i feel sorry for most is Bhai, he had such high hopes for this game. Posting screenshot after screenshot, trailer after trailer. Poor sony fanboys are desperate for decent games on their system, it's no wonder they hype up everthing that comes along.
xfrgtr  +   3343d ago
reaad this xbox fanboys
"Though the demo offers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming game, Sony recently showed off an even more polished work-in-progress version at a press event that featured new tracks as well as a look at how the single-player game is going to work.The visuals in this version of game show off some additional polish, focusing mainly on performance and effects that give the experience a sharper look. The various vehicles looked great, thanks to a high level of detail and a cool, though painful, level of deformation, which is one of the game's selling points. Next to the overall madness of tearing along on cliff edges, seeing your car come apart in various chunks as you slam into objects and opponents is primal pleasure."
The u.s. version will be much better,hahahaha,poor xbox fanboys.
Grown Folks Talk  +   3343d ago
if you don't like racers or this particular game
who cares what they do to it? the point is, if you don't like something, you just don't like it. you can put all the melted cheese you want, i still don't like broccoli.
96impala  +   3343d ago
Its no secret sony fans live in their own world, and chooses to believe what they want, ignoring all facts. Face it the ps3 isn't what sony promised you.
Dlacy13g  +   3343d ago
Disappointing start for the game...
Certainly this is not a good sign. While the reviewer didn't give it a score, he certainly covered enough points and areas of the game to get a general sense that the Japanese version has no depth to it. It's an arcade racer at best.

Now...that doesn't mean the Western version will be the same. Online (unlike the viewers opinion) will most certainly add a lot of replay to the game. I site GOW as an only has a few maps and its only 8 player..but the game play is so much fun and the human elemement added with the excellent game mechanics makes the online portion of GOW absolutely outstanding and a reason alone to own the game. So.... Motorstorm still could turn out to be a great title with the Western launch assuming the online added is good.

I am just still a little baffled as to why they rushed this title out in Japan with such a barebones offering? Given the whole premise of region free games on the blu-ray disc why would they not just wait and launch the entire game to Japan? I mean certainly they can add online via download I guess...but that seems like a pretty painful option and not exactly a good choice. Maybe they rushed it out because they are feeling pressure with the Wii launch and they are trying to get more "fun" motion gesture games into the Japanese market. Either way...they errored by releasing this game half done. Online should shore up a lot of the short comings and get this game to a solid 8/10 level.
SimmoUK  +   3343d ago
BS This site is so biased...
Out of all the good reviews over at other forums you pick the worst one to publish, people saying the graphics are way beyond what 360 is doing at the moment.
Dlacy13g  +   3343d ago
Read the article again, the reviewer said graphically the game was great and he never took exception to the way it looked at all. His biggest beef with the game was the lack of depth the "Japanese" version was offering up.
Antan  +   3343d ago
R.E 7.
yes but if everyone posted the "good" reviews there would no room for discussion.
big_tim  +   3343d ago
Cheapy is very UNbiased
He gets everything and post his opinion on it. He definitely isn't a fanboy like some of the viewers here (both sides). Read some of his other reviews and you will see this.
SimmoUK  +   3343d ago
I agree with there being a lack f features and I hope the online function in March makes up for it, but this game looks loads better graphically than anyone could ofever imagined. I meen if Sony had this to show at TGS then there wouldn't be half the haters there is now...
JIN KAZAMA  +   3343d ago
who the hell is cheapyD
Its prolly some guy paid by MS to write a sorry review like this. This game is a off road racer that every other critic has looked at the recent build and just dropped their jaws at the graphics and gameplay of this game. This fool is just talkin SH!T. Take a look at the previous articles about motorstom, they are the complete opposite of this fools.
Its funny how you idit 360 fans, talk about how the maker of GRAW dissed your beloved GOW, and all you fool just went off on him and didnt wanna hear what he had to say. Then all of a sudden, this NOBODY, some ghost critic, comes up and says some ridiculous statements about motorstorm, and you jsut take his word for it. Dont be so stupid people, open your mind. PS3 is the wave of the future, its that simple.
Grown Folks Talk  +   3343d ago
why should we listen to anybody's word
but our own? there are movie critics out there. i've heard some say gigli was better than bad boys 2. guess which 1 i'd rather watch. i could care less if 99 of 100 gave it rave reviews. i've played the demo, and I don't like it. it's not fun to me. period. granted, the people who haven't even tried it yet may be a little overboard, but there are some posters here that can actually make up their own minds instead of having to follow what others say or do. ps3 may be the wave of the future to you but that doesn't mean it's true for everybody. i don't say the 360 is way better than the ps3, i say the ps3 isn't as great as people want to continue to make it out to be. i don't need anyone to tell me if a game is good or not. i decide for myself. some people will not like this game. get over it.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3343d ago
on a side note former questionmark
its "i couldnt care less", not "I could care less". For some reason, I lot of people miss use that, i myself used to think it was "could" instead of "couldnt".
Grown Folks Talk  +   3343d ago
on a side note jin kazama
it's "A lot of people misuse that." not i lot of people miss use that. Thanks. guess that's the best you can do instead of actually responding to the actual post. since you can't come out and tell me to think how you think, and don't want to make yourself out to be a follower by jocking on the good reviews and passing on any negative ones. way to agree with yourself as well. have a nice day.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3343d ago
uhh, first of all,
I didnt agree with myself. Why the hell would I agree with myself on that particular comment about the "Could" and "Couldnt". You're panties are in such a bunch that you cant even lighten up for a second. Relax kid, they're only games, you're making it to be a debate on the iraq war or something. As for you playing the demo, well thats what it was, a DEMO, a very old early build of the game. It might not have been fun to you, but its fun to a lot of other people, and just the demo, in my oppinion is better than any finished racer on the 360. Also, you said I didnt respond to your comment, why would I, you basically said the same thing I did. That critics dont really mean anyhting, that if you like the game, thas all that matters.
DJ  +   3343d ago
just wait for the U.S. and European versions. Then we'll have online multiplayer and the ability to download vehicles and tracks. The haters can lie all they want, but the direct feed gameplay movies are absolutely amazing, and game sites/magazines are raving over what the team is accomplishing. To this day, some people still look at the game and say "No, that has to be CG."

The early demo I played in stores is a bit rough, but it's also several months old. It was also a hell of a lot of fun. I can't wait to see how the local version turns out.
ACE  +   3343d ago
the ps3 is really looking busted now lol .

the sony fanatics had high hopes for this lol .

i feel sorry for them
chitown  +   3343d ago
Alright, a couple sites gave gears of war a bad review(think it was eurogamer 7.0) but does that mean gears is a bad game. hell no, its one of the best games out. i wouldnt trust anything this cheap ass website has to say, and plus he has the japenese version and not the us version, which is probably gonna be way better, judging by all the other previews. every where else it says this game is amzing, so i hope this guy is just being a an ass
Islandkiwi  +   3343d ago
I don't get
How you can play this game without rumble. Off-road racing without rumble? This is exactly the type of game rumble was designed for.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3343d ago
I got my PS3, I will be picking it up on Sunday. I already got R:FOM. Cant wait to play that bad boy. I'll let you guys know what my account name is, once i get it setup.

IslandKiwi: If you think about it, this game is an off road racer, so even if you had the rumble, all if would be doing it vibrating in your hands the entire track, it would get kind of anooying, or it would happen so much, we wouldnt notice it anyways. When I play it in the demo, I dont notice that there is no rumble, the boost and the shaking of the camera is very immersive.
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DrJones  +   3343d ago
The web page is called "cheap ass". That pretty much tells what kinda crap you can expect it to spew out. Everyone have been positive towards Motorstorm, except for "Cheap ass" Lol.
Bhai  +   3343d ago
He doesn't even know...
...whether he played the game or "HEARD" it:

"Of course, progressing through game will provide tougher opponents, and from what I 'hear', they get downright nasty."

...HaHaHa ! the f-ck 'hears' things not play them before writing a review, has he even played it ? and see how far he went to have been known whether the AI gets nasty?:

"I would have stopped playing sooner, but the knowledge that I would be writing this article was the only thing that kept me playing more."

CheapAss gave it away himself, he heard news from some friend in Japan and lavishly made out this article to satisfty the frustration his American friends taunt him of 360 not having a killer-app whole year long...and PS3's launch window titles going there where 360 hasn't even dreamed of yet, even with the normal-mapped, old-school, glitched gears, HaHaHa!!!
Dlacy13g  +   3343d ago
Bhai....IGN had similar things to say...
IGN basically confirmed what this guy said...Graphically pretty, fun to play but lacks depth. I am sure that online will add value but how much is the question at hand.
Marriot VP  +   3343d ago
Whenever I want a reliable and trustworthy game review, I look no further than CheapyD.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3343d ago
those who have been watching the game already know
what it consists of.and the american/european release will just get better.

"Of course, progressing through game will provide tougher opponents, and from what I 'hear', they get downright nasty."

this line right here clearly shows that he didn't play the whole game.

lame review from a lame website.but rabid fanboys have jumped right on it.
NextGen24Gamer  +   3343d ago
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....gasp...breathe....ha ha ha ha ha ha
Well, I have played the downloaded version of the game on my ps3. I told everyone basically what he is saying....The game is Fun for a minute...But there is nothing there. The graphics are "OK" in game. But the instant replays make the game look funner than it actually is when playing. The instant replays is the video's that sony fanny boys have been bragging about for months now. This is the second review I have read for the game and this guy actually wants to take it back and buy something else with his money. WOW. Thats not an AAA title by any stretch of the imagination. He even goes on to say that if all they add is multiplayer online to the game for the American release...He still doesn't think its worth the purchase. WOW. And from what I have read. Thats what they are working on now. Just adding the multiplayer portion. They aren't improving the graphics. And the graphics don't "WOW" me like many of the already 360 games out "NOW". He even goes on to compare it to the 360 racing offerings....and sad to doesn't stand up well to the 360 racers already out. Thats 2 reviews folks...and both are not looking good for the game that Sony fans were screaming about. But there will be another game that will come along that the previews will have the sony fans screaming about. Then once again....just like the previous games that released and recieved bad reviews...they will disipate. I'm sorry to say but the ps3 is turning out to be a "bust" for Sony. Not only are they loosing money on each system...."350". They are loosing potential fans with the horrible showing of supposive next gen games that don't even come close to what the 360 is and has been offering to gamers for a year now. WOW. Lets here some more excuses and lets here about the next game that is suppose to be "next gen" by Sony.....It will get hyped up and it will flop like the rest of the ps3 games.

As of now...with the average score in the 8's...Resistance is the best game for the ps3.....and thats not saying much being a shooter. And an average shooter at that.
DrJones  +   3343d ago
Why did you buy a Ps3 in the first place?
I mean, you hate it with all your guts. Are you rich enough to buy expensive stuff you can't stand?
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3343d ago
rabid top gamer.just rabid.go to ign
since you love that site and check the latest preview of the japanese version.

Motorstorm is also the first real proof of the PS3's true technical prowess (Resistance provided just a few hints). The game manages to deliver sharp detail up close for the cars and tracks, along with distant views full of extraneous details, including lots of waving banners. And beneath all that is an impressive simulation of 20 cars interacting with the track. While a few shortcomings get in the way, including the occasional unfortunate camera angle during replays, a bit of slowdown here and there, and mud effects that need a bit of work, this is the most technically impressive game I've ever played.

and this is just first the ps3's first month.and it is still getting worked on for american european release with online play and who knows what just shows how sad you went from foaming to frothing at the mouth.wait...they mean the same rabid fanboy.go get that rabies shot.
#20 (Edited 3343d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3343d ago
since he can't back up himself with multiple accounts
he praises himself and microsoft.he's might find him in the wii section praising microsoft also.he's so rabid.somebody chain him so he can get that shot.
Ugly American  +   3343d ago
Is this a new word you have learned? Because all I see is you repeating it everywhere. In my world, rabid=fanboy. Thus, you Shadowgamer, are rabid. While I think Juevani takes it to another level, you are getting there.

"and this is just first the ps3's first month.and it is still getting worked on for american european release with online play and who knows what else."

Do you really think there is going to be a whole lot different than the Japanese version? It is releasing in March. Not a lot of work gets done in December, so before the game goes into full production, you might have a month. I want Motorstorm to be good, but it looks like you NEED Motorstorm to be wonderful. Calm down and wait for it.

In case this is a new word for you:
1. irrationally extreme in opinion or practice: a rabid isolationist; a rabid baseball fan.
2. furious or raging; violently intense: a rabid hunger.
3. affected with or pertaining to rabies; mad.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3343d ago
ugly american
since you haven't seen the final game for american release,you have no idea.i don't have a need for it to be successful.i already know from downloading the demo that it is obviously wish the game fails or sony fails to feel better about yourself.

see,i don't have to put microsoft down in posts.i don't have to go to other parts of the site to spew fire.i don't put down the 360 or do i say that ps3 is a better machine.i don't say that one game is better than the other.or that ps3 has the better games.i play all systems buddy.but i do know that sony is the company to beat.not the other way around.230 plus million system sales(ps1,ps2,psp) can't be disputed.

i do post my opinion.i think ps3 has great potential.i don't like add-ons(past or present).i don't like patches and ugrades which the 360,ps3 and psp do.i was playing before sony,and if they leave,i'll still be playing because games are a fun pastime besides doing other real life activities.

but you got eggheads spewing nonsense that games are poor,have bad framerates,or say that it looks like n64 graphics on ps3.they are rabid.they spew fire ever day to the point of insanity.they have no makes them feel better when they put down something and others agree with them because they are not gamers and want to feel like they are a part of a group..feel free to look at any of my past posts there buddy and learn something.
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Ugly American  +   3342d ago
First off, while I do think Sony has become arrogant, I have no desire for them to fail. I own too many of their products including the PS3 to WANT them to fail. Why would I buy a $600 console if I wanted them to fail?

I also play all systems. I could find a frickin' Wii, I would get one. You don't HAVE to put down Microsoft or the 360, but you do on a regular basis. When you first started posting, I would have believed that you were a non-biased gamer, but your postings here have turned more and more Sony fanboyish. I am not the only one who thinks so.

I dislike addons, but I did buy the HD-DVD addon out of pure curiosity. I actually dig updates, but now that my PS3 has updated itself 3 times, it is getting a little old. I find it very frustrating to try and play a little Resistance but find I have to update first. On top of that, I have to dig out the USB cord to complete it. Ugh.

There are RABID fanboys on both sides of the fence. I choose not to defend either side, but you have obvoiusly picked one. If you hated the ridiculousness of all the fanboys, you would choose not to defend just Sony.

I am pretty sure I have read most of your posts. I will tell you that there isn't much to learn there except that you repeat yourself... A LOT. In fact, I may have become dumber for reading them. I am trying to respect you, "buddy," as a gamer, but you sure are making it difficult.

I will make you the same promise I made DJ. Since you will obviously never agree with a single thing I say, I will never reply to any of your posts again. They are wasted words and wasted time. Good luck with all of your endeavors.
96impala  +   3343d ago
Sony fans are where 360 fans were exactly one year ago. We had decent launch titles, but yet starving for new next gen titles. MS was pacing themselves and started to trikling the next gen titles as it started to near the ps3 launch, now look how our library is growing, with lots of titles and now gow, and counting. Sony fans are really starving for next gen titles this time around and they will slowly start to roll in over time. But as they become available it won't blow us away due to the fact that most games will be crossed platformed and nothing that you can't find on the 360 for the most part. Now look at motorstorm you all that it was going to be something to blow us away cause sony lied to you and in all actuallity, burnout revenge was way better in every way, not to mention the fact that I can play my own music in the games, hd graphics, rumble, and just plain fun. It out classed motorstorm in every way. The ps3 will have it's share of games to be proud of but I don't think it'll ever blow the 360 out of the water like sony hyped you up to believe. Plus I read yesterday that the ps3 downscales games, especially the bc one's and they can look down right ugly. No thanks, i'll play my 360 for years to come....
videl  +   3343d ago
bla bla bla, ppl will find always something they can bash! the game can be the greatest game, xbots will call it a bad game nevertheless. who needs online play ? surely not the most ppl. and to judge the game only about the lack of such features is totally dumb. the important thing is, the gameplay and the graphics kick everything what is released yet, of course xbox360 included. the rest is unimportant. motorstorm is an awesome game! dont listen to this ms bs reviews.
FKN Unbelievable  +   3342d ago
Wait For all of the Fanboy's up here.
Why don't you Record youself playing your Ps3 and post it on youtube? Cause i know more than Half of you don't have it. Stop Fronting MotorDrizzle is Weak plain and simple. This game has been work on for a 2 Years now and it is still not completly finished? So now The americans are going to get the online mode huh? that funny i thought most games were region free? That would look funny walking into store and the owner saying don't import (In case you want it early) this it can't go online instead wait the american version it can go online (While in the meantime he/she misses out in a big sale).

I Smell BS with this game.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3342d ago
ugly american
you're right.i have defended sony more because there is an increase of bashing of the games and the system.some come up with the excuse that sony fans were doing it when 360 was coming out.i wasn't here to see that.all i see is the right now.i don't think the system is getting a fair shake.

i want sony to succeed just like i want microsoft and nintendo to succeed.but for different reasons.i want sony to do well because i like japanese doesn't support it's systems with the games i grew up with.i want microsoft to do well because they know online and software techniques that sony is failing at.i want nintendo to do well because they always think they are down and boom,they keep surprising you.

we know what things are like when there is no competition.just look at videogame in every pc.any market without competition leads to stale products.

so i'm not mad at you or want you to stop responding.keep me on my toes if i'm wrong.but i believe every system that is new should get a fair deal.without sony and japanese games,i would be left with shooters.i don't like shooters that much.i want to see my character on the screen.i want more god of war,devil may cry,rygar,ninja gaiden type of games on 360.i've always loved third person action.from atari to now.that won't change.but it doesn't mean i won't give microsoft a chance.i bought the xbox and still have it.loved it.but i'm still waiting for my type of games for 360.tomb raider wasn't enough.superman now i have to wait for things like mass you can do what you want.respond or not.but i'll keep posting my opinion.

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