CheapyD's Motorstorm (PS3) Review

The following article is based off the Japanese retail version of Motorstorm, which was released on December 14th.

Motorstorm is a great looking off-road racing game that plays well too. Unfortunately, this solid racing and graphics engine is wrapped in a package so bare bones, it makes Lindsay Lohan appear obese and the game difficult to recommend.

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MicroGamer4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

"If you’ve downloaded the demo from the PS3 online store, or played it at a kiosk at your local retailer, you have already experienced most of what the game has to offer"

That above, says it all. No reason at all to buy it once you've played the demo. He says it only displays in 480p and 720p. What happened to all that filming in 1080p that we saw in the developer interview video?? So it's pretty much repetitive with no options beyond racing and using the sixaxis functions in this game is less precise than using the sticks and buttons. What is the purpose of sixaxis, if the sticks work better?? The wait for a killer app for the PS3 continues.

Gears4383d ago

LOL IF you WAIT they will come. Motorstorm looked ugly as hell at target. Like a game from 2003.

Rooted_Dust4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

"no options beyond racing and using the sixaxis"

Umm you were expecting something other than racing? RPG elements or an in-depth story line. Take it for what it is, a fun racer that showcases the PS3 graphical power, and saying it looks like a game from 2003 only goes to show your blind ignorance, the Target demo is an early build, the game has had many updates since the demo was released. I'm not sure why they released a cut-down version of the game in Japan but the US version will have more features. As far as CheapyD's review is concerned I've never heard of him so I'll take everything he says with a grain of salt. It's sad that some people can be so bitter about a game.

Grown Folks Talk4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

just as sad as the way people can't accept other peoples' OPINIONS about a game. everybody has to jump in and defend things all of the time. if it looks like 2003 graphics to him, that's him. i know it wouldn't look like it does on the ps2 or xbox, but it's not the best looking game ever. it looks better than some 360 games, not all of them. tell me why you like it if i don't. 9 out of 10, you're not going to get somebody to change their mind. if you say you like something, i'll tell you why i don't like it or vice versa. some people will like this game, some won't. that's all there is to it.

r10004383d ago

The wait for a killer app for the PS3 continues. your Gears of War that took a year...

Rooted_Dust4383d ago

If everyone accepted everyone elses opinions no one would post. Welcome to the real world, people argue and disagree, such is life. I choose to take things at face value, not demonize them for what they are not. If I feel someones opinion is overzealos or ignorant I will call them on it, thats just how it is, and singling me out won't change it.

Grown Folks Talk4383d ago

did i not say tell me why you feel a certain way about it? that's what debating, arguing is. "Take it for what it is, a fun racer that showcases the PS3 graphical power," that's not debating, that's telling them to see it your way. maybe it's not fun to them. people disagree and argue because they have different tastes than others. you appear to look at things casually and just take things as they are. most of the die hards here aren't like that. they aren't satisfied unless everything is perfect (which nothing ever is). i know it's human nature for people to complain. i'm not going to say this game won't be fun, because that's not true. i do know however, that it won't be fun to me. yes it will look better than the demo, but i'm not playing graphics, i'm playing the game. sorry if you felt i was attacking you, that's not what i was trying to do. just replying to your post the same as you did to theirs. i do respect the fact that you at least do it without being an @ss like most people here do.

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THWIP4383d ago

...but given his comments, I'd guess about a 7.5/10

Funky Town_TX4383d ago

But with 50 gigs of space how could this be. I just hope dev don't end up spending too much time on grapics and physics and ignore the options/gameplay. GEARS of WAR is a good example of this. GOW has great gameplay and graphics but it lacks options. I love options. I play Rainbow six the most now. The graphics/physics suck compared to GOW, but the options are great. I hope we (gamers) expect more from dev. IN the long run we make games great not the dev. BTW, we do play $60 plus for these titles.

big_tim4383d ago

They had to have it out in Jap before the end of the year yet they are adding multiplayer to it for the rest of the world. Hopefully as Cheapy said they will add more to it. If not, it will be disappointing.

Lex Luthor4383d ago

Haha, the fanboy i feel sorry for most is Bhai, he had such high hopes for this game. Posting screenshot after screenshot, trailer after trailer. Poor sony fanboys are desperate for decent games on their system, it's no wonder they hype up everthing that comes along.

xfrgtr4383d ago

reaad this xbox fanboys
"Though the demo offers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming game, Sony recently showed off an even more polished work-in-progress version at a press event that featured new tracks as well as a look at how the single-player game is going to work.The visuals in this version of game show off some additional polish, focusing mainly on performance and effects that give the experience a sharper look. The various vehicles looked great, thanks to a high level of detail and a cool, though painful, level of deformation, which is one of the game's selling points. Next to the overall madness of tearing along on cliff edges, seeing your car come apart in various chunks as you slam into objects and opponents is primal pleasure."
The u.s. version will be much better,hahahaha,poor xbox fanboys.

Grown Folks Talk4383d ago

who cares what they do to it? the point is, if you don't like something, you just don't like it. you can put all the melted cheese you want, i still don't like broccoli.

96impala4383d ago

Its no secret sony fans live in their own world, and chooses to believe what they want, ignoring all facts. Face it the ps3 isn't what sony promised you.

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