Gamer 2.0 Review: PixelJunk Eden

Chris Selogy reports:

''It's a shame that platformers these days have been relegated to just the downloadable or portable realms, but sometimes that works for the best when developers get the chance to push the boundaries of what you'd expect from this declining genre. Q-Games' third game in the past year is a platformer called PixelJunk Eden, which bills itself as an organic platformer, partly because of its mix fusion of platforming mechanics with its garden-style environments. While PixelJunk Eden certainly brings you in with its great visual style, does it have the addictive gameplay that will keep you playing until you reach its end?

As some of you may now well know, watching videos may not sufficiently explain what you're doing in PixelJunk Eden; an experience that proves difficult to explain as you really need to play it to truly understand what you're seeing. You take control of character named Grimp, a combination of "jump" and "grip," who must destroy Pollen Prowlers to collect their pollen, which is used to pollinate seeds to grow the plants that you need to maneuver around each of the gardens. At your disposal is your tether, which you leave behind as you jump and can be used to swing yourself around the garden, destroy Pollen Prowlers, and collect pollen or time crystals. Your ultimate goal is to collect all five Spectra – which you need to help your home garden grow and flourish – that are located in each of the ten gardens in Eden before your time meter expires. That's pretty much it, but the game doesn't stop there.''

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RyuStrife3759d ago

Why is this review in the 360 section?

CViper3759d ago

Its innovative, addicting, and fresh and new..

But yes. Those things don't warrant a good score apparently. LoL. Ahh when will these days be over?

I mean if all of those things don't make a game good... what does? playing the same thing you did last year?