Worthplaying Preview: Sinking Island

WP reports:

''Adventure guru Benoit Sokal of Syberia fame will tackle procedural mysteries with the upcoming effort, Sinking Island. The game tells the tale of Walter Jones, an eccentric billionaire hotel developer who kept all of his heirs at his mercy with the promise of great wealth. He has invited them to the new Jones Tower on Sagorah Island in the Maldives to discuss their inheritance, but he and his grandchildren never get to have that talk, as the elderly coot is found dead on the beach - although his wheelchair is located on the rocky cliffs above. You play Jack Norm, who's been sent to investigate Jones' death. Although you're told that it should be an open-and-shut case, you suspect that some foul play is afoot, so you set out to interview the other inhabitants of the island to uncover the truth.

Like Sokal's prior offerings, Sinking Island is a third-person point-and-click adventure. Double-clicking on a path will make Jack run instead of walk. A ring serves as the cursor, and it glows if you can follow a path, becomes a magnifying glass if you can take a closer look at something, a cog-like hand if you can pick up an item, and a wheel if you can use or interact with it. A talk bubble appears when you hover your mouse over an NPC, and you click to initiate the conversation.''

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