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Rare dev: 'I don't think 360 has reached its limit'

Speaking to at the Develop conference in Brighton last week, Nick Burton, a senior software engineer at Rare, has assured Xbox 360 gamers that there's plenty more to come from the console.

"You never can push them as far as they can go. The reality of the peak performance of the console is yes, you could look to a generation beyond where we are now and think, yeah, I could use that power. But the reality is in 360 and the PS3 and the latest generation PC graphics, the amount of power in the GPUs is such that you're more bound by your creativity and the aesthetic you're going for than you're really bound by polygon pushing power," said Burton. "You're probably actually more bound maybe by art authoring and the amount of data throughput that, just the amount of memory you'd need, but I don't think 360 has reached its limit." (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Dev, Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, Xbox 360)

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Zhuk  +   2672d ago
Xbox 360 games look better than PS3 games, they also run better than their PS3 counterparts, even after significant optimizations for the PS3s architecture the games still look and run inferior. Therefore, the Xbox 360 is more powerful based on the simple evidence that games look and play better on it than the PS3.

Technically, we know that the Xbox 360s GPU is more powerful than the PS3s. Also, the Xbox 360 uses unified shaders and memory and this allows the video to have access to the whole 512mb of RAM on the system , unlike the PS3 which only allows the GPU to use an insufficient 256mb. Also the PS3's firmware uses far more memory than the Xbox 360s dashboard, which does far more than the XMB for less. This allows more memory to be used for gaming than rather for non gaming processes. Then we must look at the infamous CELL processor, which has been proven that it is an inferior processor for games because of the nature of its much touted SPEs, whose capabilities are limited. Compared to the Xbox 360s 3core processor and its multithreaded architecture, the Xbox 360s processor simply put is far superior for gaming applications.

What we can deduce from these facts is that the Xbox 360 is the most powerful gaming console ever created.

What makes it really simple is to just compare the games, which system runs the games better and which system has the best looking games.

The answer is the Xbox 360.
San anto  +   2672d ago
Kratos Spartan  +   2672d ago
Zhuk is weak...
and the fanboys fear my name...
DROIDS SUCK COCK  +   2672d ago


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NO_PUDding  +   2672d ago
Angry cus you'll need to buy a PS3 soon?
juuken  +   2672d ago

Okaaaay, let me say that again.


Five times!

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PimpHandStrong  +   2672d ago
What makes it really simple is to just compare the games, which system runs the games better and which system has the best looking games.


i have read ppl think these games look and run better on the PS3

MLB The Show

we can deduce that these games look better then anything on the 360
Ali_The_Brit  +   2672d ago
ah hush now you sad pathetic fanboy, go on, into the corner and play with your 360
Pain  +   2672d ago
when u make Ugly kiddy games for XBOX ...sure sky's the limit of there Fugtastic developer ability.

Make a Real game then talk.

and @Zhuk. do u even know what those console specs even mean? or u just copy paste what u thinks
looks bigger?

cuz if u did its PS3 hardware >>Xbox2 hardware. games speak for them selves and we not talking crappy xbox 2 ports.
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abcdog1000  +   2672d ago
the thing is that developers are bearly unlock the true potental of the ps3. the xbox 360 was out for a full year before the ps3 so developers real got the hang of creating games for it, but therejust learning howto use the cell processor. the game that used of the ps3's power was uncharted which only used 30% and still looked better than any game on the 360. now that developers are understanding the cell they are devoping games for the ps3 first.

Solid_Snake666  +   2672d ago
good thing hes not a fanboy
KBDuB  +   2672d ago
Okay.. first of all, don't mention Oblivion as looking better on the PS3. It came out like 8 months after the 360 version..

And, Uncharted looks great, but I think the 360 has some games that look better. But, I will agree only about MGS4..
Egzekutor  +   2672d ago
Youre talking about those crappy games that come out from devs that dont have a clue how to code properly on the PS3. Take a look at those skilled developers who develop for PS3 exclusively..

Can you remind me which 2 games will look worse on 360 because of the POOR DVD disc ??

One of them is DOOM4 , the other is ... find out for yourself.

I agree with that DEV... you can push XBOX 360 even further but im sorry you wont have the right disc to push it on, because its DVD..
You could do that if you made a 5 minute game..

XBOX 360 games look and run better ?

I wouldnt be soo sure about that.. take a look at B:BC.

You are comparing your crap XBOX 360 exclusives to PS3 ?

Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Heavy Rain 3
M.A.G ??

You will see graphicly similar games from EA etc soon enough .

Please b1tch, stop lying to yourself , I know your defending you crap old gen consoles by all means but if youre going to right that kind of bu1lsh1t, then do it in your mind because it makes me sick.
360 already going down to 199, why ? Because its loosing pretty badly, they will soon give it out for free just to get more people.

Cheap sh1t. Thats all i have to say.
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JBaby343  +   2672d ago
I seriously am cracking up. I love your comments zhuk. Please don't ever leave N4G. I needed that. I love the one down below too with all the AAA games.

Too funny. If no one has ever read zhuk's comments before read them. Seriously they are great. They never let you down.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2672d ago
All these droids in the denial boat, only they don't know it has a hole in it.
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Yemeni Xrats Killer  +   2672d ago
Yemeni Devs says:
i think xrat 3 red light have reach its limits with the release of bioshock!! and no just that but also the console limits, its dieing so fast, and with my spray i will make sure there is no memories of 360 and no one will talk about it
Darkwolf  +   2671d ago
Ive said it before and i'll say it again..ZHUK YOU ARE A W@nker..
the shiit you dribble is just beyond comprehension..we all know the 360 hit its limit when the first game for it was released..
Mr Marbles  +   2671d ago
has more brains in his left pinky than all of the idiot Sony leg humpers on this entire site combined.
LoVeRSaMa  +   2671d ago
@Jason 360
The Denial Boat Sails faster then the Fail Boat tbh.
Chandresh Patel  +   2672d ago
Oh quit the nonsense,here are two clear as day facts;
FACT=The Playstation 3 is harder to develop for than the Xbox 360.

FACT=The Xbox 360 DISC SPACE is a GROWING PROBLEM for Developers.

If you think Lost Odyssey being on 3 Discs isn't a clear indication of a DISC LIMIT being reached,wait until you hear how many Discs FF13 will be shipping on for the Xbox 360.
TheHater  +   2672d ago
LO was four disk.
Chandresh Patel  +   2672d ago
I couldn't even accurately tell you how many Discs it was on because I forgot about 1.
Gam71  +   2672d ago
What does that have to do with the article?

Did you even read it or did you see the word limit and thought it was about disk space?

Read it next time, they're talking about hardware limits not disk space.
devilhunterx  +   2672d ago
The cow is a lie?
Masko   2672d ago | Offensive
Larry Fine  +   2672d ago
used to be harder to develop for
marinelife9  +   2672d ago
Sounds like he isn't sure if the 360 has reached it's limit or not.
Must be getting pretty close to the max.
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DeadIIIRed  +   2672d ago
If this guy is telling the truth, then why haven't I seen anything on the 360 in a year that raises the bar on graphics? C'mon, 360 owners should have something....anything to be more excited about than obtaining a TIMED Ps3 exclusive.
power of Green  +   2672d ago
The disc space is a growing problem but some how the PS3's architecture etc is not?. lol
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Gam71  +   2672d ago
Fable 2 GoW2 etc.

Stop looking through those sony tinted glasses. There are plenty to be excited about.

You all have to drop this mistaken belief that 360 owners are somehow jealous of the ps3.

It's like me saying all ps3 owners have to look forward to is a 1 year pld 360 game.
shazam  +   2672d ago
@1 technically
both of those statements are opinion statements

@1.9 POGins

the ps3 architecture is a shrinking problem in my opinion
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Montrealien  +   2672d ago
One disc games is very convenient, I like it. Do I care if a game needs to be on a few discs sometimes? absolutely not.
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wallace1000  +   2672d ago
But is disc space really a problem when they can put a game on multiple discs? I have said it before and i will say it again, Baldur's Gate was a fantastic game and that was on 5 discs. Then again i am far from lazy so i have no problem changing discs :-)
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Kaneda  +   2672d ago
disc space is the problem for developers to push 360 to the limit!

Above me.. Just imagine all games that comes out for 360 requires you to switch discs everytime you play. That will be hella annoying. Maybe a few games will be okay. But all 360 games.. that will be stupid! but the games that only on a single disc. It will not take full advantage of the 360. So, this generation 360 will not even run to its full potential..
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power of Green  +   2672d ago
shazam @1.11
That is because you're a PS3 fan and you benefit from the lowest common denominator multi platform development method.

PS2 owners will be dazzled by the PS3 visuals, they don't know any better(including exclusives).

Devs are concerend about PS3's (G)raphics (P)rocessing (U)nit and System RAM, the Video Card in PS3 doesn't help either.
wallace1000  +   2672d ago
@ Kaneda
Honestly switching discs wouldn't bother me. I am used to it from computer games. I remember when sim city 2000 was on floppy discs and i had to switch those out :-P.
DeadIIIRed  +   2672d ago
It's Not About Being Lazy
Having their players get up and change disks isn't the concern of developers, its the cost of publishing a game on more than one disk and the loss of quality by cramming everything on the least amount of disks to save money.
Rob0g0rilla  +   2672d ago
Devs can get use to PS3 architecture
But being limited to only 7gbs for a game is a bigger problem. Games get bigger and developers will want to save money by using lesser discs which could lower the quality of the game.
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aaquib5  +   2672d ago
Simply put
Gears of War 2 put 360 past its limit. MGS4 hasn't even touched the PS3's midpoint.
RememberThe357  +   2672d ago
Hey guys...
...1up has a pretty good interview with John Carmack of id. In the interview he talks about how MS gets royalties for each DVD, or something like that, so it coast more than just the disc to put a game on more than one disc. You guys should watch it, the guy knows his sh*t.
vdesai  +   2672d ago
Look I dont think you have any idea of what you are saying. First of all developrs dont care about he GPU btw you mentiond it twice, Video card is the GPU and there is no problem with it at all the only difficulty is the architecture itself its a derivative of PPC, with a mix of a CellFS (file system) which has never been used to create games. What developers really worry about is the SPEs because most developers dont know how too multithread properly let alone multithreading on 7 SPEs. Its a shrinking problem because knowledge can be expanded, but existing hardware is not. Now im assuming you didn't know this, but if you did you belong in the Open Zone. Yes contrary too popular belief the PS3 has 512mb of memory just like the 360 except its split into two pools, 256 for the system, 256 dedicated video memory. Now if you have ever used a computer you know that that can be changed very easily.
Sitdown  +   2672d ago
Hahaha......why did you give us the fact that the ps3 is harder to develop for? Okay...your point is?

Ohhh, and did we forget that the disc space is a null issue......1.)Because it is not difficult to change out disk. 2.)Did Microsoft not say you will have the ability to download to the hdd?

Which then that brings me to the point....if you look at the new dashboard coming, the ability to download to the hdd.....if indeed the 360 has or is reaching its limit......what do we know about its ability to evolve and push its limit further back?
vdesai  +   2672d ago
Ok you still need disk in the drive when you install too the Hard drive and the problem is that not all xbox 360s were shipped with hard drives or very little hard drive space. Remember the shorter the time it takes for you to install the lower the compression ratio. Im assuming Microsoft just went with imaging the disks not compressing it. Now if the games are DVD9s, which are about 8.5GB if you put two thats 17GB now if you do the math you can see this isn't really feasible for the people who bought the cheaper systems.

Also could those who disagreed with my previous comment comment on why they disagreed with me that would give me a chance to carry on a conversation.
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PotNoodle  +   2671d ago
I wish...
People would stop using the 'Xbox 360 will need more disks for this game blah' crap. We have been swapping disks since the ps1 (maybe earlier but i can't remember) so why all of a sudden are we starting to argue this?

Don't take me as some xbox fanboy, because infact i've always prefered my playstations to my xbox's (Owned both xbox's) i'm just a playstation type of guy.
BWS1982  +   2671d ago
I feel it's prudent to reiterate what 1.17 said, but to expand
that it's about costs in a big way. Both consoles have great attributes....but it's very expensive for a publisher/dev to make a 3+ disc package, the royalties, etc...It's very expensive. I don't really know if this has affected games coming to the 360 thus far, as it's not really shown it's in need of a faster paced growth to it's catalogue, so perhaps it's not making a difference, but my point is it's very much about money and a lot less about disc swapping, which many of us are used to.

Anyways, on the topic of the article, which is more about hardware, not media, I tend to agree...I went to the Art Institute outside Chicago, and have a Media Arts/Animation degree (B.F.A.)...artistic design and knowhow as well as finding workarounds can extend the lifespan of something very well, technically. A ceiling is eventually a more pertinent issue as time goes on, but the 360 hasn't hit that ceiling IMO. Although I'll admit that there's been lately a slow increase in graphical showcases, from what I've seen in the pipeline, there's more to come.
godofthunder10  +   2671d ago
I'm not a childish fanboy of any gamesole because i'm not going to fight over a stupid thing like that.I will agree that the ps3 is a damn good console and the most dependable one that was ever sold.

The 360 and the ps3 are real damn good systems and the facts prove it not just the ps3.A ps3 fanboy claimed and i QUOTE,I haven't seen anything on the 360 that raises the bar on graphics? C'mon, 360 owners should have something....anything to be more excited about than obtaining a TIMED Ps3 exclusive UNQUOTE.The truth is that this guy is such a big ps3 fanboy that he can't even admit the truth that ps3 fans were excited over some 360 timed exclusives to not just 360 fans like he is claiming and the facts also show that the 360 graphics are getting better all the time.The truth is that the 360 and ps3 graphics are so close that you can't even tell the difference and some times the same game looks better on the ps3 then the 360 and some times it looks better on the 360 then the ps3.

I'm also tired of hearing about that microsoft should have put br in the 360 because now it's out dated because a few games need more then one disc,i can't belive that a person is to damn lazy where they can't even change a disc out.The truth is that microsoft was smart when they didn't put br in the 360.Microsoft was smart enough to know that we really didn't need br for games then and we don't need it now.Microsoft also knew that they needed to keep the 360 price down if they wanted to compete with sony and it worked because after 3 years they are still ahead of sony.

The truth is that about %97 of the games on the 360 or more only need 1 disc.They have about 10 games or less that needs more then 1 disc and the average person might buy one of them,so far i didn't buy any game that needed more then 1 disc because i don't like any of them so far. Just because the 360 might have about 15 games that needs more then 1 disc at the end of 2010 doesn't mean that we should have a br drive in the 360 now and pay an extra $300 just because we don't want to get up and maybe change 1 disc out of the games that they have.

Microsoft knew what they were doing when they didn't put br in the 360 now.The truth is that the 360 would be out at least 5 years before we really need br for games and it might be 1 or 2 years more and they are right.I would like one ps3 fanboy to honestly say that out of the 15 games that we might have at the end of 2010 that they would buy half of them.

We might need a br drive around 2011 for games and the 360 would be out about 6 years and it would be time to put a new system out because they are already talking about new engines that they have comeing out and the consoles that's out now want be able to handle it so they will use it on the next systems that comes out.

Like i said i'm not a childish fanboy but if people from both sides stop acting childish and start admitting the truth instead of acting bias we could have a real debate instead of childish remarks that fanboys post.

The most ridiculious remarks that i've read is where someone posted a remark and said the reason that microsoft don't want to put br in the 360 is because sony want to charge them a lot more to use br then other companies and some articles claimed that sony refused to let microsoft use br.

The truth is that sony needs microsoft more then microsoft needs sony.people need to remember that microsoft is a software company first and sony is a hardware company.Sony uses microsoft programes in almost all their products.Sony uses microsoft programes in their computers,cameras, and other products.Microsoft could hurt sony by stop letting them use their programes but sony can't really hurt microsoft.The reason that microsoft is letting sony use their programes when they are competers is because it's a smart buisness deal for both companies and it will be the same when in a few years microsoft will have to put br in the 360 and sony will let them at the same price as the other companies because it's a smart buisness deal for both companies and it will make a lot of money for both of them.
jmorph9  +   2671d ago
The real problem ...
is that now everything needs to be installed to the hard drive. For the ps3 it is because of disk access speed, for the xbox it is because of DVD space limitation.

The real problem for the 360 is the 20G hard drive most users own, and the fact you can not upgrade for a reasonable price, or without the hassle of transferring your saved game data. Even 120G sounds a little small for the future.

The ps3's real advantage is larger drive space, ease of upgrade, and not being locked in by a custom drive. The 360 disk drive are over-priced and too small.

P.S. I own a 360 and not a PS3
Kaneda  +   2671d ago
Wallace.. I did say a few games are okay.. but if most the games that require you to switch disc that will be annoying.

yeah, PC no longer required to switch disc. Install on the HD. :)
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Omega4  +   2672d ago
Art style will always trump technical prowess. Having the most powerful machine doesnt always guarantee the best looking games

Which is why as long as there are creative devs out there the 360 can still produce better looking games than the PS3 even at the end of both their lifecycles.....also having the better GPU helps as well
felidae  +   2672d ago
eehm. ps3 has the best looking games.
thenickel  +   2672d ago
eehm. Stop lieing to yourself. PS3 deoesn't have the best looking games and neither does 360. It's all a matter of opinion so get over yourself.
NO_PUDding  +   2672d ago
No seriously, technically the PS3 has better looking games.

And not only that, the 360 developers have no games that boast great art style. The most impressive art style in the industry is still Shadow of the Colossus, and Team ICo are Sony first party.

The most visually impressive games will always been on the PS3 until the next generation.
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thenickel  +   2672d ago
no pudding
Do us all a favor and shut up seriously...If thats what you believe then fine but don't go around talking like it's a fact just because your in bed with Sony. There is nothing on Sonys platform that looks technically or visually better then anything on 360. Maybe next year or the year after there will be but now nothing.
SL1M DADDY  +   2672d ago
When it comes to reviews, many authors have stated that some of the best looking games are on the PS3. MGS4, Uncharted, SS:HD, and GT5:p all look awesome and have been subject to claim as the best looking console games ever made. I am not saying it’s because of the hardware as that is something we will have to see as time passes but that is just what I have read on the web from some pretty respected review sites and magazines.

Both consoles have their give an take. Take GT5:P and Forza 2 for instance. Both look great but it is common knowledge that GT5:P looks far better than Forza 2 but Forza 2 has damage effects and apeals to a different crowd. It's a give and take and we won't know what console can put out the best graphics for years to come.
#3.5 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(44) | Report | Reply
PimpHandStrong  +   2672d ago
better looking games you say?
well Uncharted and MGS4 both look better then anything on the 360

I guess you must mean multi-platform games look better on the 360??! maybe yea? Thats what your saying?

Thats not really true anymore so what are you saying when you say the 360 has better looking games!

you can keep telling yourself the 360 has better looking games but the only game that comes close is Gears of War and thats still the best looking game in 3 years on the 360!
La Chance  +   2672d ago
@omega 64
absolutely ! I totally agree with you art style/design is more important to my eyes than graphics alone.

For instance Jet Set Radio would NEVER have been as memorable and cool if it had lets say super photorealistic graphics that used all the power of the xbox (talking about JSRF).The game just wouldnt have been as good if it had 2x better graphics and dropped that special art design

Then games like Ico for instance werent graphical powerhouses but looked sublime thanks to the art design.Now imagine an Ico with with far better graphics but without that special design it wouldnt have looked that good.
#3.7 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
thenickel  +   2672d ago
Once again Pimphandstrong thats your opinion so don't go around preaching it like it's the gospel or something. Some of us and I'm sure many don't find those games on PS3 to be the best looking games ever. They look good but nothing earth shattering just like theres nothing earth shattering on 360 either. You need to get a hold of yourself and your ego because it's hard to take someone serious that always thinks there right.
SuperM  +   2672d ago
You dont have to be a sony fanboy to see that the best looking ps3 games has the edge over the best looking 360 games. Dont get me wrong, Gears of War both looks and plays great. I have it on my pc and it is a very very good game, but it is not as visually impressive as uncharted and MGS4 yet it is the best looking game on the xbox. When it comes to driving games you would have to be crazy thinking anything else then GT5P being the best looking game on the market. And Ratchet and Clank is the best looking platformer. This is not about talking crap on the xbox, this is just about saying it as it is. If the xbox had the best looking games then i would say so. I dont have a problem with that. Neither should any xbox owners have a problem with ps3 exclusives looking slightly better then the xbox games. After all the ps3 is more expensive, so naturally it should have tech with a higher potential performance. Even Gametrailers, known for their biased comparison videos (Assassins Creed and GRID in particular) admited that uncharted was easily the best looking console game when it was released. If you dont believe me just check the review.
Bangladesh  +   2672d ago
@idontcare Pimphandstrong SuperM SlimDaddy
Here is a game that looks as good as any ps3 game in existence. And to boot, the 360 version of this game looks better than the ps3 version. Oh, and it's a first generation 360 game.

And I'm not done yet, I've got a couple more vids to show.

Related video
Bangladesh  +   2672d ago
I think you idiots knew this one was coming.

edit- Here is a game with nice graphics and a beautiful art style.

Related video
#3.11 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Bangladesh  +   2672d ago
Another great looking 360 game.

Related video
Bangladesh  +   2672d ago
Where are they Pimphand? Suddenly don't want to talk anymore SuperM? What about you Slim Daddy? Huh, No Pudding anything you want to say?Where are these uber fantastical ps3 games that shame the 360? Here I'll post vids of your ammunition Uncharted and MGS4.

After watching the 360 vids that I posted, are you idiots HONESTLY trying to tell people that the 2 games above couldn't EASILY be done on 360? I'll be waiting on these "uber" ps3 games that you guys keep telling people about, because I KNOW Uncharted and MGS4 aren't them.
vdesai  +   2672d ago
Technically the PS3's GPU is better it runs at 550MHz while the 360's GPU runs at 500MHz. PS3 games do look better no matter what you say what excuse you give it may be a matter of opinion. Don't pay attention to just what you play look around look at the foreground the background and then shading and lighting. But the problem that not all 360s come in full HD capabilities. When you don't include an HDMI port you have too worry about those consumers who didn't get the HDMI port.
Bangladesh  +   2672d ago
Tech jargon means absolutely nothing to me when I can see the end result with my own eyes.
#3.15 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
vdesai  +   2672d ago
I was correcting omega64 about the GPU not saying it has any adverse effects, but games look better if you dont feel that way im sorry I havent convinced you im sorry im not paid too do that, wait a second im not paid at all im just stating my opinion. Any how its ok some may prefer a different look then others but technically speaking games are better on the PS3. If you dont care about techno jargon I guess we could just say the PS3 is better then the 360, if you don't like techno jargon then there is no way for you too back any opinion while I do. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings but if you have ever played a game on the PC you know all that matters is the techno jargon. Crysis is the best looking game period, because it requires the best hardware too run.
Bangladesh  +   2672d ago
Fair enough, you can look at a piece of paper and Say the ps3 is technically better. And I'll look at the actual games produced and SEE that the ps3 is not.
vdesai  +   2672d ago
Maybe if you watch the trailers in HD you may notice the diffrence.





Forza:MS 2:

How did a "glorified demo" trump the full release of Forza makes you wonder dosent it. Maybe if you open your eyes yes the 360 is a decent system maybe the games can be created to match the quality of the PS3 visuals but there are no games that exist currently that surpass or even match the quality of these games. You cant tell how good a game looks by playing it through composite, or by playing a minime flash video. Its like comparing videos of these games on youtube.

Maybe this will jog your memory of how gametrailers likes to fuel things.


Edit: At below don't compare multi-plat ports because they were not coded for the PS3 they are not bug free no multi-plat game looks better on either system. NO MATTER WHAT GAME IT IS. There maybe a difference in sharpness, etc. but no difference in the visual quality. These are statements made by fanboys which are not true at all.
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snyper831  +   2672d ago
360 equals anything ps3 can do
have you people noticed most multi platform games look better on the 360 than ps3 am I right???? Sony fans brag that games like uncharted and gran turismo have graphics the 360 cant match am I right??? Have you wonder how would those games look if they were made on the 360???? exactly the same if not better just like any other port.Please people get over it ps3 and 360 are equal on the graphic side, is not fair comparing gran turismo to forza 2 developers were aiming different goals as you can see forza has a damaging system something gran turismo is lacking have you wonder why??? It takes a lot of hard work implementing it and because of it it takes a hit on the graphics. Sony on the other hand went crazy throwing double the poly count for every car at the cost of excluding a damaging system and lowering shading texture quality on the backgrounds, the results, really beautifull looking cars at high resolution.As far as metal gear solid 4 Konami developer has said the game can be done on the 360 on multi discs ofcourse.My point is ps3 is not what sony is trying to make believe it is,both systems are equal capable of producing amazing graphics get over it fanboys get a life...................
#3.19 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
devilhunterx  +   2672d ago
Pakistan RULES!

Related video
Rog Vader  +   2672d ago
Uncharted is a good looking game, but I agree with Bangladesh. lol it's hard to deny it when the proof is right there.
TheExecutive  +   2672d ago
you idiots, show me a game as technically impressive as KZ2 on the 360.
Rog Vader  +   2672d ago
I played KZ2 at E3, it's more artistically impressive than technically impressive. Almost everyone I spoke with couldn't stand the speed of the games main character, myself included. But seeing the bits of vibrant color against the gray really is a nice artistic design imo. I got more excited by this Gears of War 2 video than playing KZ2.
#3.23 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Isaac  +   2671d ago
Bangladesh, of course you are gonna get dozens of agrees
This is an Xbox 360 thread full of 360 fanboys. However, your videos are a joke if you think they compare to the best on PS3. I mean come on, Splinter Cell looks like MGS Twin Snakes with a bit of next-gen polish. I mean if you seriously think that equals uncharted you're hilarious, first of all the skin in uncharted's characters looks near realistic getting very as far from the uncanny valley as it had never been done before. The character models in Splinter Cell look like plastic.

Furthermore, the lighting model in uncharted is clearly better, but of course you can barely notice that in the closed areas of Splinter Cell. Uncharted certainly does not look like Crysis does in terms of vegetation and environmental interactivity, but as for facial and character animation it is most definitely superior.

Funny you also bring to the table two Unreal Engine games when the first one (Gears) is clearly inferior to Uncharted in terms of color and polygon count per character (and storyline, for that matter, but that is not tech specs). The bodies of characters in uncharted look very detailed, what about Gears? Oh yeah, they have to wear huge armor to mask those low polygon models because the Unreal Engine is dated.

Also, how come you mention Mass Effect when it suffers from lots glitches and it runs in a multiplatform engine? How is it that most "good looking" games you mention are made by the unreal engine? Can't they make their own engines? And now that we are at it, another game that uses UE3 is Lost Odyssey. And while the main character Kaim looks great, the rest of the characeters look like plastic, which is again not very surprising coming from another Unreal Engine game.

I only hear excuses from Xbox fanboys, especially from those that like to consider themselves neutral but really aren't. It's ok, just admit it you are biased and that it is a hard pill to swallow that there will be things on 360 that will not be possible. I only see excuses from Xbox fanboys when they talk about GT5P versus Forza "Bu... bu... damage!", "bu... bu... they were aiming for something else!". The reason GT5P has no damage is not because it is impossible or because they can't do it, clearly it is the most advanced racing simulator on any console, but having so much support from the Car industry is a big burden on the developer, since, as Yamauchi said, not all Car makers want to let them model damaged cars. Forza looks good but not as good as GT5P. There is no shooter looking as good as Killzone 2 on 360, is there any game with water as realistic as the one we saw, in REAL TIME, in Resistance 2? Not even Bioshock can claim that, and Bioshock just became multiplatform anyway.

I don't even know why I waste my time with these dense fanboys anyway, I'm sure you, bangladesh, are not but just reading "LOL WHY IF PS3 IS BETTER DO MULTIPLAT GAMES DONT BETTER LOL" makes me lose hope for all humanity. It is of course easier to make claims than to actually do some research into how computers (and consoles) work, difference in architectures, horsepower, rawpower, programming techniques, programming efficiency, etcetera.

Now that I'm at it, I'll say it again... PS3 has definitely more Raw Power than 360. It is not just paper, it is not just countless of tests that prove that the cell processor is better than many GPUs combined at graphics related tasks, it is not just folding at home, it is not all those scientists claiming that by doing science simulations, it is not that Cell can process anything multimedia related like a hot knife through butter, it is also the exclusive games we've seen.

Again, 360 fanboys love to CLAIM those can be done on 360, but fail to do their research. Sure, multiplat games have been better (initially) on 360 because the 360 is a very flexible machine, unlike the PS3. The PS3 is more streamlined, which means it is focused in delivering more horsepower in exchange for specific ways of programming, so lazy developers of mediocre games will not make good PS3 games. There are definitely games that 360 can run that Ps3 can't, but not because 360 is more powerful, it is because of the way the games are programmed. To make a game look better on PS3 they would have to start over and that will never happen. However, if you start a game on PS3, you WILL get better results on PS3 as it happened on several games already according to game reviewers.

Games have looked great on 360 because well, it is very flexible and easy to program for, and that is why a lot of its power was squeezed on year one. On the other hand, people are barely coming to grips with PS3 development, and they are not even taking advantage of the Blu-ray, the Cell Processor, and the specific way PS3's RAM and video card process information.

Anyway, the proof is in the pudding, and there are still no games looking as good as PS3 exclusives, only Xbox fanboys claiming that. Just showing videos does not make it any true, it just makes you look brave, but again that is an epic fail of an attempt. Ultraman, try next time with "THATS YOUR OPINION LOL", yeah, my opinion is that mickey mouse on NES looks better than Crysis *sigh*
Rog Vader  +   2671d ago
Actually Isaac...
I agreed with Bangladesh because he's right. He even provided videos and proved his point. You are just talking out of your a**, because that's all a Sony fanboy like you can do in this situation. I would be willing though to bet my PS3 that the people that disagreed with him are rabid Sony fanboys like yourself, people that obviously know nothing outside of the PS3.
BWS1982  +   2671d ago
Rog Vader,
how did anyone "prove" anything? The interpretation of "videos" is not an exact science, why do fanboys (which I am not one of) seem to feel anybody can ever prove an opinion? I think the answer is that they feel they don't have opinions, only a mental storage of facts. This entire argument, to an extent, is like debating what color is the prettiest. It's not going to fly, and words intended to prove anything here hold no merit. Now you want to debate finite numbers or specs of systems, that's slightly different....
Daishi  +   2671d ago
@ theexecutive
COD4, just youtube the comparison videos of the two and there you have it. Also try Warhound if your looking for a future game that rivals it. Also try Geometry Wars 2 if you want something with better AI ;p (joking)
SL1M DADDY  +   2671d ago
@ Bangladesh
You wasted your bubbles on those games and you have nothing on Uncharted. Sorry, but Google these key words. Best Looking Console Game. Tell me what comes up. When you come back and see page after page of reviews stating that Uncharted is the best looking console game to date, then you will understand what I posted. As I said, I posted what was being said by reviews. Gears of War was pretty but pretty bland. Mass Effect was ok but suffered from massive frame rate issues and did not have the textures that MGS4 has, not even close. And for you to even bring up Splinter Cell 4... Sorry, but that is just pathetic.

Go on and waste your bubbles bud, the sooner you post them all the sooner we gamers do not have to listen to your silly fanboy blather.
Bubble Buddy  +   2671d ago
careful guys, lots of 360 lovers. Anything you say will be auto-disagreed. I'd want to see a humble and fair developer like Insomniac give their two cents on the 360 and I'll listen. Rare is pretty good but I trust Insomniac more even if they never developed for the 360.
fufotrufo  +   2672d ago
Zhuk..even thou ..i agree with are going to get killed by angry ps3fanboys
Hellsvacancy  +   2672d ago
'I don't think 360 has reached its limit'
neither do i - the 360 can/will get even more sh|tty

and who cares wot u think Zhuk loooooooooser
juuken  +   2672d ago
But it is limiting in space.

EDIT: Lol, and the disagrees. I don't think the 360 has reached it's limit in a certain degree but when you think about it, space will become an issue. And before you gang on me and claim I didn't read the article, I actually read it.
#6 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(37) | Report | Reply
La Chance  +   2672d ago
You are soooooo
annoying its not even possible.

You are REALLY REALLY REALLY a ball in the neck.
#6.1 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
juuken  +   2672d ago
Why thank you! :)

I love being annoying, especially when I have something called an *opinion* and I'm not afraid to voice it. You're just annoyed because I'm always criticizing the 360 and I'm not the type of person to kiss Microsoft's ass.

EDIT: Whooo GMER, low blow! I could criticize Sony as much as Microsoft. I could criticize Sony by saying they marketed something that wasn't ready yet, among other things. I have the ability to criticize both Sony and Microsoft. I tend to criticize/question Microsoft more because ya gotta wonder what kind of strategy they're using for their system that they allowed a company like Sony to bypass them in sales for months.
#6.2 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
GMR_PR  +   2672d ago
@ La Chance

"You are soooooo
annoying its not even possible.
You are REALLY REALLY REALLY a ball in the neck."

No doubt about that.

@ juuken

"You're just annoyed because I'm always criticizing the 360 and I'm not the type of person to kiss Microsoft's ass."

No, but you do Sony's.
Gam71  +   2672d ago
Nah juuken.

You don't criticise sony because your in bed with them.
juuken  +   2672d ago
Wow Gam71...real cute. As if most 360 owners don't act as if they're married to Microsoft or something that they always have to come running to defend it no matter what they do.
Gam71  +   2672d ago
Not so much M$ running to defend it as £ony fans running to attack.

This is a 360 thread and your here why?

To add to the discussion?
No to feed your insecurities. Buyers remorse?

You have a game worth playing now so go play it. Don't worry about what we 360 fans are doing or playing.

Play your own system.

Tell me oh wise one. Why is it ps3 threads are mostly full of ps3 fans and their comments but 360 threads are full of ps3 fans and their attacks?

Why the insecure need to attack all the time?
juuken  +   2672d ago
And going by your logic, I can ask you why you're on PS3 threads to begin with.

This is not a 360 thread. It's in the E3 08' section, which means I have a right to comment. If you don't like my opinions, then I suggest you put me on your ignore list.

It's that simple. :)
ToastyMcNibbles  +   2672d ago
"360 hasnt reached its limit" no sh!t...none of these systems have reached their limit...its still waaaaaaay too early for any of that
TheHater  +   2672d ago
I agree. The xbox 360 is only three years into in life cycle. And the PS3, and Wii is only 2 years into theirs
u got owned  +   2672d ago
Finally someone is making sense in this thread.

How people think this consoles reach their pick so early in it's cycle is beyond me.
wallace1000  +   2672d ago
Well said dude. The problem with many of the fanboys on this site (fanboys of the different systems) is that they will use any little thing to try and down the system that they don't support. It is a sad existence, but many of us are fans of gaming and intelligent conversation.
TheExecutive  +   2672d ago
I agree with you but in the same breath where are all of the powerhouse 360 games? I mean gears of war was released in '06.

Its been 3 years since the 360 has been out. The PS3 will turn 3 years old next November. By that time Killzone 2 (in fact about 2.5 years into the lifecycle) will be out, maybe GT, inFamous, possibly GOW3 but i see NO games that look nearly as good as KZ2. If you compare the life of the consoles to where their games are at I think you will see the graphics winner.
byeGollum  +   2672d ago
coming from a microsoft owned studio dev, what you expect him to say ? 'we've maxed out the 360, theres nothing else we can do'' ?
Mr Marbles  +   2672d ago
Dude please
just stop, so what if MS owns rare, who else would know about the limits of 360, a Sony developer?

In fact, had this been a Sony developer saying something positive about the PS3 you would be worshipping his words as gods.

So pleas cut it out, we all know what you are all about.
Gam71  +   2672d ago
just stop, so what if MS owns rare, who else would know about the limits of 360, a Sony developer?

I really do appreciate a good comeback.
That put him in his place.

Shame ps3 threads don't get hi-jacked like this.

Actually it's not. Shows 360 and ninty fans have a bit more class.
GarandShooter  +   2672d ago
'Actually it's not. Shows 360 and ninty fans have a bit more class.'

That's the biggest bullsh!t I've read today. The 360 boys have been giving it to the Sony boys since day one. I own and enjoy both consoles, and while I only have been a member here a few months, I've read this site for quite longer, and 360 fanboys have been trashing Sony and their fans from the jump. I'll believe a fan on either side when they rebuke their own for saying stupid sh!t about the other.

And 360 fans with class....been on XBL recently?
59fifty8  +   2672d ago
yeah well
i do and ps3 games are now starting to look better look at cod4, sc4 and grand theft auto plus ps3 games are better i mean ninja gaiden is alright but compared to hevenly sword not to mention god of war, plus the ps3 is more powerful the games look better and play better look at mgs4, u guys lost u suk.
Kratos Spartan  +   2672d ago
Hey Rare...
I hear you talking...put those words into action and prove it then.

Edit: dang, looks like a couple of people don't want them to prove it. I wonder what they are afraid of?
#10 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Xi  +   2672d ago
go play the high def video
of banjo kazooie N&B on the 360, the game looks absolutely beautiful, moreso then anything I've seen on either platform, including ratchet and clank. And it's also an open world game.

Also, perfect dark has some forest scenes that are more impressive then haze and uncharted, but this is stuff that you'd probably never know considering you'd actually need to play the games to find out...
beavis4play  +   2672d ago
please, Xi...take a look at ratchet:ToD
it's a year old game that embarrasses rare and their new BK game and it's blocky character design.
Kratos Spartan  +   2672d ago
look at XI...
why are you getting so defensive? The guy said 360 hasn't reached its limit, so I said prove it. I'm not here to compare games, so don't try and force me to a particular side of your console war, chump. And no, I'm not interested in Banjo Kablooey. I don't care what looks better than what, that would be just arguing opinions, which I leave to the fanboys to do, like yourself.
Gam71  +   2672d ago
Someone with your name and sig kronos and uses name calling tatics like "Banjo Kablooey" has chosen a side.

He did offer you a way to prove it. Check out hd footage of the games he said. He gave the comparison because thats the camp you're in and it's a way of getting you to understand his point.
Why are you so scared to?
You do seem to be on the defensive hi-jacking a 360 thread.

Bet you wouldn't say prove it if it was a sony thread. You'd probably lap it up then ask for more spin.

Don't have a go at him for doing what you asked. Short of coming round to yours with a hd tv and 360 + those games what else can he do?

Also it looks like rare will "prove it" thats why he made the statements. So you're asking them to do what they are already doing?

But given your previous comments and the side you choose I guess you wouldn't see the irony there.
Kratos Spartan  +   2672d ago
No I did not choose a side. You fanboys seem to choose sides for other people. I'm on my side. You got so defensive that you have no idea what you just posted. The Rare Dev said it hasn't reached its limit. Don't say it. Show us it hasn't reached its limit. It really isn't too hard to understand. Anybody. Any system. Any game. I didn't ask anyone on here to prove anything. I was directing it at the article at hand here. But you are so blinded by this console war you like to argue about, that you cannot understand anything. Hey I want Rare to prove it just as much as you do.

Don't put words in my mouth. Don't force me to a side on this subject. Once again, another kid on here trying to feel like his life is worth something.
Kratos Spartan  +   2672d ago
Its funny...
I say Banjo Kablooey and that puts me on a "side". Maybe I don't care for the game, not the system it is on.

Blinded by the light...
Gam71  +   2672d ago
And read what i said

Their next few games will prove it one way or another. Some sad 12yo trying to defend his choice in front of his parents or parent telling them to "prove it" isn't adding to the discussion.

I'm sure your name and avatar and the way you attack the 360 then claim everyone else (i.e. 360 fans only) show you haven't taken a side.

You've shown your colours and are simply playing the "I'm an impartial observer" to get your digs in and to somehow convince everyone else you and your opinions are superior.

Who's the child?
Xi  +   2672d ago
Wait, I'm the devensive one?
All I did was provide evidence that Rare has not only already lived up to their word, but that their new titles continue to expand on it. It's obvious that the one who's defensive is you as you fall back to ad hominem attacks.

You've obviously never read any of the previews on the titles because all say that the look and feel are outstanding and they hold true to the archaic BK64 titles. That blocky character design is a choice, as is the level design, and they pull it off flawlessly. The water looks drinkable and the detail is outstanding.

However what evidence do you provide to the contrary, you say nothing that is constructive to help facilitate a decent conversation. You insult Rare by insulting their product, then proceed to call me a fanboy, which is clearly against the rules.

I understand if you do not hold the same position, or opinion but by no means are you right in anything you've said. You're clearly not neutral with regards to MS and the 360, and you obviously know nothing about the games associated to it. Why bother posting in this thread at all is puzzling.
#10.8 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2672d ago
1 game!
please name the 1 game that looks better than
the ps3 exclusives please.
Phuck copy & pasted tech specs, we all know cell is
the best but please, I'm begging you xbots...
name 1 game!

I'm waiting!

Nothing? Stfu & gtfo!
you liars!
xbox360 is maxed! Why do you think its even a
Zhuk  +   2672d ago
Halo 3, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Ace Combat 6, PGR 4, Forza 2 and countless other AAA Xbox 360 titles look better than anything on PS3, and that is not including all the AAA exclusives that are being released this year such as Fable 2, Too Human, Gears of War 2, Banjo 3, Viva Pinata 2 and many others which show the Xbox 360s clear technical superiority over the PS3, accomplishing things that the PS3 would never be able to do.
FAQS  +   2672d ago
Q: Halo 3???????
Q: Viva Pinata????????????????????????
Q: Banjo kazoie???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??
Q:Kameo?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????
Q: PGR4 and Forza2????????????????????????
Q: and countless (?) other games that you don't know the names (or don't exist)?
Q:AAA games?????????? Against MGS 4, Uncharted, GT 5, Tekken 6, God War 3, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Motorstorm, Ratchet Clank TD, Little Big Planet....!?
Q: Are you serious?
Andronicus  +   2672d ago
FAct Rare is owned by MS....
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2672d ago
They are not the only dev to say it so while I see you want to downplay what they are saying because they owned by MS it should be rather obvious that a console doesn't reach it's limits this early in its life. FACT
byeGollum  +   2672d ago
i hope none of them reach their limits they are all still capable of releasin quality games - especially ps3/360
59fifty8  +   2672d ago
ok how bougt
hevenly sword, warhawk, resistence fall of man, uncharted drakes fortune, and metal gear solid 4, yeah
and for the new ones like
resistence 2, mag, tekken 6, god of war 3, and killzone u know i dont like u or xbox 3fixme
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   2672d ago
Xbox 3fixme LOL!!!!! i prefer PS3 thanx
PS3Diablo  +   2672d ago
With the uninspired games Rare are creating it's no wonder they can say this...
It's not like Viva Pinata and Banjoo are good looking games, they are mediocre at best, obviously when you create games with such sub-par graphics you imagine the system can do more... reality is, Gears 2 will have maxed out the system's potential.
#15 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Zerodin  +   2672d ago
I suggest you sit down and actually PLAY Viva Pinata. It looks plenty good, and it has something 90% of console games seem to forsake, COLORS!
#15.1 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
59fifty8  +   2672d ago
The real killer  +   2672d ago
Zhuk, be real please.

"Xbox 360 games look better than PS3 games, they also run better than their PS3 counterparts, even after significant optimizations for the PS3s architecture the games still look and run inferior. Therefore, the Xbox 360 is more powerful based on the simple evidence that games look and play better on it than the PS3"

There is no evidence what you are saying, only words by 360 developers use the 360 as lead platform ;)

"Technically, we know that the Xbox 360s GPU is more powerful than the PS3"

What a crap answer you gave here, the RSX is also very powerful and yes more poweful than you think.

Do you know the RSX is more powerful than Xenos?
They did not full test with the RSX to the max.

It's a very and very powerful chip just like the cell, but only the cell works with the RSX. Even without the Cell is the RSX very powerful ;) more than you thin about it :)

the two GPU's are just fine.
#17 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
morganfell  +   2672d ago
Don't bother arguing with him. He thinks he knows more than John Carmack who certainly disagrees with him. He is like the captain of the Titanic insisting his ship isn't sinking. The guy is a turd in the pool of gaming and he needs to be strained out and tossed in the toilet.
59fifty8  +   2672d ago
listen plz read
pgr4 suk, doa4 suks, halo 3 suks, ace combat suks, viva pinata suks, banjo suks, kameo trash, forza garbage, and what dats it the only gud xbug game is gears.
DROIDS SUCK COCK  +   2672d ago


fufotrufo  +   2672d ago
you suck
KBDuB  +   2672d ago
You're trash.
titntin  +   2672d ago
He's quite right and you wouldn't expect him to say anything else even if he wasn't right - he's an MS employee!! :)

None of the machines have reached the full potential of what their architecture can achieve, though I firmly believe the architecture of the 360 and the use of known development tools has helped developers to utilise its strengths quicker in the cycle than its main rival. But there's surely more in there to 'tap' still, and enterprising developers will use that extra 'grunt' in the coming years.

For some types of games the disc storage IS becoming an issue, but its not an insurmountable one, and its not really relevant to the point this dev is making, which is based on the power of a games engine to push data around, not on how much data the engine can ultimately access..
JBaby343  +   2672d ago
I Agree With You
I firmly believe you make the most level-headed and intelligent comments on N4G. I agree with everything you said. You put it perfectly.

Nicely done. *bubbles up*
#19.1 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
59fifty8  +   2672d ago
im a droid
and proud cause my system is better and urs suk haha ur losing
Says you  +   2672d ago
I'm sorry but XBox 360 has reached its limits long time ago
Notice Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 and Ninja Gaiden II if the XBox 360 cant even make its exclusive any different from there other games like Halo 3 being hd and Gears of War 2 not any different from the first one and cant even manage Ninja Gaiden II 720p considering Microphony said that's the sweet spot then it has hit its prematurity its just a pathetic mans PC.
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   2672d ago
gears 2 does look the same, it has some new features but nothing to awe about and will get boring QUICK!!!!
Masko  +   2672d ago
both systems have the same graphical potential in my opinion. the most important thing to me is solid gameplay. even a game with "poor" graphics by nowadays standards, still looks ok on the eyes. gameplay is what makes a game fun
fufotrufo  +   2672d ago
some guys here expect to be taken serious with a freaking ps3 in theirs names.. btw ..Viva Pinata looks beautiful on my LCD..rare graphics are clean ,sharp , highly detailed

Edit Rply:

well said they are mediocre at best..and i highly disagree i don't expect an old game like viva pinata to push a system graphically ..but its one of the best example of beautiful graphics in its genre.. far from mediocre

as for Gears Of War 2 reaching the system limit going to say stfu because you don't know anything or have proven facts to support that statement don't work in a gaming company ..neither develop 360 games to be taken seriously .. nobody here knows..especially in N4G ..a site flooded with PlayStation fans and full of gaming PR trying to discredit other consoles to get more sales
#23 (Edited 2672d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
PS3Diablo  +   2672d ago
just because I have PS3 in my name doesn't mean I don't or didn't own an Xbox 360, I actually purchased a 360 on day 1 and sold it last december. I played Viva Pinata and the game was addictive but don't tell me the graphics where breaking the systems graphical barrier, you'd only be fooling yourself.
Skynetone  +   2672d ago
Both systems havent even started to push there limits
im still waiting for a realistic t-rex
apoc615  +   2672d ago
I know mine reached its limit and RRoD four times since Feb/2006.
u got owned  +   2672d ago
WOW! i have two 360s and none of the have RROD on me. I think the problem here is you. You're probably doing something wrong with your 360, try to keep it ventilated.
wallace1000  +   2672d ago
Either you are unlucky or something may be a miss. Treat your console like an amp. Lots of air flow, no stacking, and open sided shelves are the best. Glass shelves are also really good if possible.
PimpHandStrong  +   2672d ago
has Rare ever made a PS3 game?
just asking

i know i can google it but im lazy
PimpDaddy  +   2672d ago
Rare is owned by Microsoft
So the answer to your question is no.
Antan  +   2672d ago
It will be 3 or 4 years before the 360 OR PS3 for that matter reaches anywhere near their theoretical peak. One look at the history of the PS2 should be proof enough.
La Chance  +   2672d ago

I dont know why some people wish so hard the 360 has reached its peak.
beavis4play  +   2672d ago
are both of you saying 360 hasn't reached it's peak on single-disk games or on multiple disc games? single disc they've went as far as they can go. but on multiple discs....maybe 360 can do more. but really, does anyone want to mess with 4+ disc games all the time?
silverchode  +   2672d ago
i think the ps2 means that the ps3 will still come out with amazing games during its last years, not sure you can use that for the 360.
Hiruma   2672d ago | Spam
DJ  +   2672d ago
Well it's true.
PimpHandStrong  +   2672d ago
i love it

MS has brainwashed Zhuk so hard that he is saying Vina Penisata and Banjo are AAA graphic monsters


When Ninja Guiden looks better on the PS3 after more then a year b4 the 360 version i would have to say the 360 is maxed out!

I guess you will see it more after Gears of War comes out and ppl are talking about how fun 8ppl co-op and 60ppl online is with Fall of Man.
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