Sales show Doom 3 was "not bad" - Willits

Doom III designer Tim Willits has said he understands why some people found the first-person shooter disappointing, although he maintains he's very proud of it.

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Le-mo3784d ago

It wasn't "good" either.

Amanosenpai3784d ago

Doom 3 was GREAT... The atmosphere and sounds were amazing, if you didn't like the lighting and the flashlight stuff is because u are not brave enough for this game.

PoorDroids3784d ago

lol, ppl are dumb. there's no use explaining anything to them. they clearly have never played, let alone beaten the game on a highend PC with a 5.1 system in the dark. dumb n00bs.

etownone3784d ago


i played with my girl on my lap some days, and we would be jumping like little bi1ches.

it was a game made to scare the crap out of you with the best graphics in it's time.

JsonHenry3784d ago

I loved the game. Exactly like what a Doom should have been. Dark. Tight spaced. And lots of monster jumping out at you.

TheIneffableBob3783d ago

I don't know about you, but I consider 3+ million sales good.

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andron3784d ago

It had very little to do with the original Dooms. And as a game it was misguided.

The changing back and forth between flashlight and weapon was the most contrived and stupid game mechanic ever.

The graphics were much too dark and drab. They tried to cash in on the survival horror and asian horror film hype, but it didn't fit with the Doom game universe at all...

Amanosenpai3784d ago

U obviously suck at doom 3 ^^

protekjv3784d ago

Me too, It was not bad ass. I like better the "In hell" add on game to it. But the game it self and story was not that bad.

PoorDroids3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

id didn't make the Resurrection of Evil expansion. It sucked ass compared to the full game, and you liked it better? Sad. Shows how most haters have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Alexander Roy3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

People also buy those crappy movie games. People also bought E.T., Superman 64 and ShaqFu. Sales are no sign of quality, rather than a lot hype, marketing campaigns, advertisements and brand recognition.

Doom is a widely known series. I'd bet alot of people bought it, because they liked the predecessors.

I don't mean to bash the game. I didn't find it appealing, but I'd say there are a lot games that are worse.

morganfell3784d ago

Hmm I own all of the Unreal titles. Yet I haven't played them in months yet spent the past two weeks playing Doom III and ROE again. It was a damn good game. The engine would have powered quite a few titles also but Id never bothered to build a tool kit to make the game engine a licensing franchise.

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