PALGN: LittleBigPlanet Preview

PALGN writes: "It's not uncommon for a console to have their own mascots. From Nintendo's Mario to Master Chief on the Xbox, most consoles have had that one iconic character that represents their colours. And now with the PlayStation 3, it looks like they have a new mascot taking over in the form of Sackboy, the main star of the show in LittleBigPlanet. We were lucky enough to get some hands on time with the upcoming title, and it was certainly evident that Sackboy is a leading contender for Sony's mascot vacancy.

LittleBigPlanet puts a heavy emphasis on community and creating your own levels, and it delivers those features in spades. The process of creation is incredibly simple, but with quite a bit of substance. You start off with nothing but a blank world with a flat, texture-less ground, and from there on you add everything through PopIt. PopIt is the mini menu that opens upon hitting the square button, and gives you access to everything required for level design and customising your character's appearance. From there you can add new terrain, different textures, trigger effects and several other things through simply scrolling through the pages with the shoulder buttons and pressing X on whatever you like. It was incredibly efficient given it's with a dualshock, and had us designing our own worlds within minutes of picking up the controller."

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psman0123723d ago

...for LittleBigPlanet. Looks like an awesome game!

PimpHandStrong3723d ago

is Kratos

but yea

LBP sounds like a ton of fun

thor3723d ago

Not one person has said a single bad thing about this game. I really hope that it can live up to the hype :)

kewlkat0073723d ago

.....I've never been into anything that has to do with making Mods, so not sure about this one.