Sony Teams up with Amazon for Movie Download Service

Sony has teamed up with to deliver movies for the PSP which will be downloaded to PC and transferred to the PSP. This service will become available in the New Year, and coincides with Sony's partnership with Sandisk to release a 32GB memory stick for the PSP.

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shikwan4378d ago

too TEDIOUS. Why can't they find a way to d/l strait to PSP?

mellowspaz4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

This is a good move for sony and amazon. I think the reason they don't offer that option is to maybe avoid the controversy that the PSP offers direct movie download but the PS3 doesn't. Like someone said, the PS3 is never going to offer direct download capabilities for movies since they are going against their own revenues (with the blue ray format).

Arkham4378d ago

The 32GB figure is the maximum for the format -- the press release even stated that the announcement doesn't necessarily mean they will be released at that capacity. At least at first.