DLC: the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Adam from GamersFTW writes "DLC, as we’ve seen since its inception, is a hotly-debated feature. On the one hand it could be the addition to an already great game that raises it to perfection. On the other hand, well, didn’t we already buy the game? So is DLC good or bad? There’s a little more to it than that; it’s not so black and white."

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tonmori1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I don't think I've ever brought any DLC which might be strange but I find I'm usually satisfied enough with a game as it is.

Yukes1142d ago

I tend to buy DLC on the wave of excitement after just having purchased the game, without waiting to see if I grow a bit weary of it first. Utterly illogical, I know, but I do draw the line at buying DLC before the game has even released.

Chaosdreams1141d ago

You're not alone there. I think what happens is a lot of us get pulled in further with the hype, and we instantly think "more is better!" I've gotten to the point where I only purchase dlc when I love the game and it's my second play through. Gives me an incentive to come back, but if I buy it right away, it doesn't hold much value. *shrug*

GamerGabs1142d ago

When costumes and available characters come in lone DLC packs I get a little frustrated. Some of the characters in Smash Bros, have felt much too expensive, for example. I don't mind paying extra if I'm getting my money's worth, but some DLC goes a bit too far.

HRD_Games1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Confession time: I bought a LOT of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC, including all the costumes, but normally keep the characters in their normal clothes. The costumes are nothing more than Horse Armour. Contrary to this, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy had a load of costume DLC that actually had effects, ranging from useless to broken in power.
Square Enix has far too much of my money. :'(

c00lvilKid691142d ago

I generally dislike DLC. The Fallout New Vegas stuff was a bit hit and miss in my opinion.

MrsNesbitt1141d ago

Fallout 3 DLC was pretty ace. Vegas just wasn't my cup of tea altogether.

joedom1142d ago

The idea of making Paul from Tekken look like Marge Simpson really cracked me up.

I agree with you on the good, Bethesda are the best at making DLC.

vudu1141d ago

The bastard child that started it all.

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The story is too old to be commented.