Sniper Elite Series Surpasses 10 Million Sales; Rebellion Thanks Fans In Video

The Sniper Elite series have surpassed 10 million sales worldwide. The series debuted back in 2005.

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Jimboms1143d ago

I had no idea it was this popular

VER1ON1143d ago

Have to confess that i've never touched any title in the series.


Great games. I'd say check it out. Sniper elite v2 is awesome. Also zombie army trilogy is fantastic.

Fro_xoxo1143d ago

how did this accumulate 10 mill?

JoeReno1143d ago

I picked up the newest one on a psn sale cheap, and I will say it was pretty fun. Had no idea what I was getting into, but yeah that slo-mo, xray kill cam steals the show. Oh also the distance shots are fun.

isarai1142d ago

It's a really well executed, well polished, and very solid series. Anyone looking for some good co-op should definitely give this a shot