Kotaku Review's: The Last Guy

You are the chosen one, a zombie straight from the Himalayas, here to save everyone's butts. The Last Guy: Japan Premium is a 314MB PSN title from Sony's Japan Studio. The story is simple: A purple ray hit the Earth, turning everyone who was outside into monsters or zombies. Everyone indoors was spared, and it's your job to move them from the buildings through the narrow streets of Tokyo's Asakusa (thank you Google Earth!), avoiding the monsters and the zombies and moving your group to the Escape Zone where an United Rescue Force airship will pick them up.

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Overr8ed3723d ago

i guess they liked it, i just hope i can see the Guy am controlling on my TV... Damn you 15 in LCD!!!

nix3723d ago

yup they liked it. if it was a 360 game.. they would have hyped it to no end.

15 inch? ha ha.. and i thought 21" was bad. i had to squint my eyes while playing heavenly sword. q: