Sony gets a Station Voice

Station Voice , a service powered by Vivox that allows players to talk to each other in online games, is now available in the role-playing games EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies , Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), announced today. Station Voice, which is scheduled to be available next month in EverQuest, is available for players at no additional cost with their current subscription plan.

"In-game voice chat is an enhanced new feature gamers of all levels can enjoy. Now, SOE's players can easily talk to one another and better enjoy the online gaming experience," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "The integration of Station Voice into these initial games was seamless, and we look forward to incorporating this added gaming experience into other SOE titles, as well as implementing the next phase of features to come soon."

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Raoh3785d ago

couldnt this be added to the ps3 as an in game chat option? not to mention i would hope that it will get used for sony's mmo's (agency, dc universes etc) on the ps3 at least

Sk8boyP3785d ago

Yeah and a universal party feature wouldn't hurt too ya know

Overr8ed3785d ago

This is most likely heading to the ps3 as well. Since Sony's Game faction is working well together. I remember a long time ago Sony made a deal with some Voice tech company, which made it closer to get allowed voice messages. if anyone can find that article post it up here.

SpaZaA3785d ago


Hurry it up though Sony, get that deal settled and bring Station Chat to the Playstation 3.

RAM MAGNUMS3785d ago

whatcha wanna do?!

At no xtra cost.

Go Sony!

whoelse3785d ago

I don't see why they would need this company to implement the feature on the PS3.