PlayStation is one of the most ‘intimate’ brands for millennials

We live in a cyberfuture, which means we have relationships with brands — and now, someone has started measuring how close we are with the companies in our lives.

Sony’s PlayStation gaming division is ranked the No. 3 “most intimate brand’ among millennials (people between the ages of 18 and 34), according to a report from marketing firm MBLM. It ranks behind only Amazon and Apple. If you’re wondering what the hell “intimacy” means in this situation, MBLM defines it as a tight relationship between a person and a brand that can help a business grow.

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death_gun1171d ago

i think playstation is the most important gaming brand in the world

Bathyj1171d ago

I agree. It grew this industry into the behemoth it is. It dragged it out of the playground and put it in nightclubs. It came at just the right time because gamers were growing up (I'm 41, been gaming since the late 70's and actually won a PSOne playing Wipeout 2097 in a nightclub) and we needed a machine to grow up with us.

Thats not a knock against Nintendo, there is definitely still a place for them, but they are determined to be the Peter Pan of the gaming world and stay young forever. Thats fine because it always means new gamers are coming up too, and todays Playstation/Xbox fans are yesterdays Nintendo fans.

Its all good and theres a market for everyone, but clearly the console world had to mature a bit as the gamers did.

psplova1171d ago

Well said. Hit the nail on the head for me too. Bubble up!

Tito081171d ago

I thought you was around the late 20s, early 30s, not bad bro.

Bathyj1171d ago

No, Im just immature so I seem younger.

WelkinCole1171d ago

You beat me by 6 years. Started playing in the Atari day's and grew up on Nintendo. Matured with the PS.

Still love Nintendo though. Their games, the feel and smell believe it or not just brings such good memories back for me.

Never forget opening my first NES for Christmas which I got for topping my class that year. Playing Konami Contra and Acclaim Double Dragon 2 co-op with my dad. Such memories.

PS though really changed the game and I am so glad they got screwed over by Nin lol!. The rest his history as they say.

Mikefizzled1171d ago

Nintendo can stay young forever given that they work with Sakurai.

Now only if they can bottle the magic that is Hirohiko Araki's ageing process.

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AndrewLB1171d ago Show
medman1171d ago

Preach brother, preach!!!

Relientk771171d ago

PlayStation is #1 for me, not 3rd

FallenAngel19841171d ago

That's a very impressive accomplishment when you factor in the various other entertainment competitors that the PlayStation brand had in this report from MBLM.

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SourtreeDing1171d ago

all i know it EA is last in this chart and going strong

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