Diablo III Gets the $300 Statue Treatment

Blizzard has unveiled a new collectible statue that gamers will be able to purchase for $300. The statue depicts a barbarian standing on top of a defeated Diablo.

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dxmnecro3780d ago

Is anybody going to even buy this?

Leathersoup3780d ago

Spoiler alert!!!

Barbarian on top of a defeated Diablo? ;)

Garrison3780d ago

No offense but if your a fan of videogames you most likely wont shell out that much cash for something like this, but then again some people have too much money on their hands.

shotputking3780d ago

i might just have to buy that... even if you all call me an idiot. what's three hours of work for something that looks that sweet?

dxmnecro3780d ago

Well, not everybody makes $100/hour. I'm pretty jealous.

David Hasselhoff3780d ago

Even I don't make that much!

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