Sony to Revive Ghostbusters?

The film studio has been in talks with Activision, which pulled the multi-format title as part of its restructuring process, in an attempt to launch the game in 2009.

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Mr PS33756d ago

"SonyBusters Whats the Problem"

"Agrhhhhhh Ive got these 3 red flashing lights on my Xbox"

"Right sir Stay were you are we'll be right there with a fix for your red light problem "

"What you gonna do"

"Nothing i was just kidding hope that Damm xbox burns your house Down Thy Silly Little Bot !!!! "

Who you gonna call now Bots

theKiller3756d ago

was Ghostbusters ever a strong title or a good game? or was it like the many movie games that sucks like spiderman batman etc??

i can see Ghostbusters becoming like mario if handled properly and becomes exclusives to ps3

thor3756d ago

I think previews were surprisingly positive. I don't think this is going to be a particularly ground-breaking game, but it won't suck (if it ever gets released lol)

Zerodin3756d ago

Sony pictures isn't Sony's gaming division.
GB belongs to Sony pictures.
If Sony got the exclusive dibs on games based on Sony pictures' films, we wouldn't have seen Spiderman 1, 2, or 3 on anything but Sony systems!

Pain3756d ago

no huge Holdback now!! Ghostbusters on PS3 = SKY's the limit!!!!

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coolfool3756d ago

But this is to revive the game? Then why is the film studio talking to Activision?

thor3756d ago

Well they did own the IP until they sold the rights so activision could publish the game...

gaffyh3756d ago

Yeah I think Sony should do it, cos this game looks suprisingly good.

badz1493755d ago

if Sony publish the game instead, PS3 will get another exclusive!

BlackCountryBob3756d ago

I always thought it was a bit mental that Sony Pictures did not leverage its exclusive IP onto the Playstation consoles. I'm sure stuff like Spiderman, James Bond and Underworld could be made into excellent games that would shift Playstations better than the low quality multi platform tat they make now.

I guess its a lot like Stringer says, Sony is not a joined up company yet.

So long as Ghostbusters gets a release then I will be happy!

PirateThom3756d ago

It's the same as Spiderman though. Sony own the rights to the movies, not games.

Sony are in talks, because they want a game out for the anniversary of the movie, but don't think the PS3 version won't get some exclusive content.

vhero3756d ago

haha if sony develop it they wont only get exclusive content the game will be exclusive they ain't gonna release one of thier own games on 360 damn fanboys

uie4rhig3756d ago

i guess you're right, sony isn't a joined company lol..

erm the owners of the movie (in this case Sony Pictures) gets to decide who is gonna make the game, so they could give the rights to SCE and that would lead to exclusivity for PS brand!

BlackCountryBob3756d ago

Its such a Sony syndrome though isnt it. Think about it, in recent months Warner Brothers have pledged to spend big bucks on WB interactive entertainment (including making the games to Speed Racer and the upcoming Watchmen movie) to distribute their own games, Disney and Fox are doing much the same I think.

Sony obviously has a massive advantage in this area given the pedigree of the Playstation department and the proven track record of the in house developers but instead they pass stuff off the Activision to make poor tie ins; they don't even seem to stipulate advantageous treatment or special features for PlayStation releases.

Sir Howard Stringer obviously still has a lot of work to do because stuff like that looks like a terrible waste of an advantage Sony carries over its competitors in every field.

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Forbidden_Darkness3756d ago

Just think, in the near future we could possibly be saying "Ghostbusters: The Game, only available on the PS3!"

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