E3 Left 4 Dead Interview: Co-op and different experience with every playtrough

Gamereactor checked the pulse on Valve's next nerve-wrenching survival game.

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kewlkat0073782d ago

With some co-op buddies, I'm good to go.

thenickel3782d ago

This game is really pushing teamwork and should provide hours upon hours of seriously fun co-op play. I'm picking it up day one and will see you guys online.

renanbianchi3782d ago

can some of you guys answer me a question: Does this game play offline with bots?

Will it have split-screen coop?


thenickel3782d ago

Well I'm not sure about bot's but I'm pretty sure they will be there if you choose. Here's a link though about the split screen

NarsilianShard3782d ago

This game is the reason I built my gaming rig. I cannot wait.