Warhawk Trophies Coming At August 27th

When the PS3 trophy system was announced in June, Warhawk was to be one of the first pre-trophy games to be brought up to speed. They weren't fibbing! Sony have announced that, as part of Warhawk's 1.5 update, over 50 trophies will be introduced into the game. It'll be released on August 27.

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Forbidden_Darkness3755d ago

Damn, i cant wait, even though i dont play it much and im not that good at it, but i should beable to get a few trophies

legendkilla3755d ago

the only thing i dont like about this game is that i spent nearly 100 hours playing it.. But Ive only ranked up three spot's? come on fix that please?

Panthers3755d ago

Thats one of the best features is how hard it is to rank up.

What you need to do is check what the next rank is and see what requirements are needed to get that rank. Its not just points, but also a badge is needed. You will probably rank up a lot after getting that badge.

pwnsause3755d ago

good they are implementing custom music, the proper way, via the XMB.

sephy 9 2 53755d ago

a few weeks early like Uncharted.

Tragedy3755d ago

Release date of Uncharted trophies "was" 22th August. So... Warhawk trophies will come this Saturday :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3755d ago

Hope they got one for most Suicides!!! ;-D
(I'm good at that!;) 'Wonder what happens Lads, if i pull this Pin on this Grenades out???' NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!)

Mr PS33755d ago

Yeah its also good to go on a suicide run in the Warhawk

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3755d ago


thor3755d ago

Actually that's one of my favourite tactics - load up a warhawk with 4 mines and suicide bomb into someone :D

Pain3755d ago

lol i do that with Jeeps. but sometimes when u get that d!ck u just want to NUKE u Mine a Warhawk and play "Guided Missile"

o o
o O

Warhawk is Fun.

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rmatott3755d ago

AND the trophies are retro active, i can not wait for this update!!!

Marceles3755d ago

Only 10 are retroactive, the other 34 are new

DeforMAKulizer3755d ago

Check the Official UK Playstation source... They do confirm it...

Prismo_Fillusion3755d ago

Thanks guys, bubbles all around!

Panthers3755d ago

Some trophies are, and some arnt. Probably the ones requiring you to gain a certain rank are since you cant do that again unless you get a new account.

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