PS3 Attitude becomes 100% charitable; calls for designers, writers...

Excerpt: "Today we are announcing the biggest change in the website since it began. PS3 Attitude is now 100% philanthropic. Every single penny, pound, cent, euro and dollar we make from advertising, affiliate revenue, game purchases, merchandise, special events or any other income derived from the site will be put into the Charity Fund for distribution to one or more charities each year.

So we are asking for your help..."

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Sev3723d ago

Please support this cause...

This is a very noble thing for PS3 attitude to do.

I really wish PS3 attitude the best of luck with this.

If you cannot donate, please pass along the word, and the link to the site.

DolphGB3723d ago

...we really appreciate your support and comments. We're in this for the long-haul, and hope to raise thousands over the next few years with everyone's continued support.

Panipal20053723d ago

Are you involved with it, Sev1512?

DolphGB3723d ago

Sev isn't involved with PS3 Attitude, but someone at his site was good enough to write a news piece about our new direction earlier today to help spread the word.

DPAD Dave3723d ago

Well done Dolph, a very bold move and one that I wish you all the luck in the world with.

DolphGB3723d ago

...very much appreciated. Thanks for featuring the story on D+PAD too...