GamingNexus: Space Invaders Extreme Review

Review by Sean Colleli:

"The past several years have seen innumerable revivals of arcade classics, with a varying degree of quality and success. Most of these projects are half-baked ports with new graphics, doing little to innovate or make the old formulas interesting again. Some of them are insults to the venerable classics, using brand recognition alone to sell an inferior product. Between Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo's Virtual Console, I've seen enough bad "classics" to make me permanently skeptical, and senior staffer Cyril Lachel has seen dozens more in his Retro Round Up feature.

That is why Space Invaders Extreme comes as a complete surprise. Cyril loved it for the PSP, and I was charged with reviewing the DS version. I was a little apprehensive, considering "extreme" is in the title, and the tendency for Nintendo platforms to get lousy ports these days, but Taito managed to do justice to Space Invaders. The DS has been given an addictive and complex arcade shooter, that stands alongside the PSP version as a worthy adaptation of a seminal classic."

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