New screenshots of first Star Wars iPhone game

THQ Wireless has released eight screenshots of the game, and they're mightily impressive.

Specifically, it looks like iPhone-owning Star Wars fans will be gawping at the 3D visuals, while getting to grips with the game's intriguing controls.

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PS360WII3755d ago

Dang that looks nice for a phone game ^^ I didn't even know The Force Unleashed was coming to the iPhone!

Will_Smith3755d ago

indeed.. anybody knows if it works for the iTouch aswell

PS360WII3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I do believe if it's on the iPhone it'll work on the iTouch as well as far as apps go.

IzKyD13313755d ago

damn, apple should seriously consider making a portable gaming device, its not like they dont have the tech for it....
look at the iPhone, it was apple's first attempt at a phone and they basically revolutionized what a phone could do, they even left a following of impersonators (non of which i might add, came close to the original)

think about it, apples unique designs, innnovations etc. etc.

iPhoneGeek3755d ago

That looks awesome!!! It great that we are getting some really good professional games for the iPhone/iTouch. I can wait to get my hands on this game.

TheIneffableBob3754d ago

It better look good for $500+.