Rare Revealed: Concept Showcase - Conker: Gettin' Medieval

Rare has revealed all sorts of info about its cancelled Xbox game, Conker: Gettin' Medieval.

In development after Conker: Live & Reloaded launched in 2005, Gettin' Medieval was to be an online multiplayer third-person shooter.

The main character would have been Death, while Conker was set to have a guest appearance. Many of the characters were going to be medieval versions of Future War characters. For example, the Sky Jockey would have been the Sky Knight, the Demolitioner would have been the Battle Mage and the Long Ranger was turned into the Musketeer.

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Sciurus_vulgaris879d ago

I firmly believe one of the major issues this studio faced was an inability to focus on one or two projects. They have shown numerous prototypes that got worked on for a while and then cancelled. Then again it is rumoured that Don Mattrick cut back on high budget 360 exclusives; thus leading to Rare working on Kinect games until 2013.

ChronoJoe879d ago

As much as I enjoyed the MP in Live and Reloaded, a lot of people really resented it, and as this game seems to be based on that, I am not especially surprised it was cancelled.

They said that Conker wasn't going to be the Star, so this probably wasn't going to be the Conker sequel that a lot of fans would have wanted, anyway.