Wii 2 in "production," Miyamoto out of ideas?

Recently many Nintendo fans perusing RSS feeds did a spit-take upon seeing two headlines, both from the online edition of British industry news magazine MCV. The first proclaimed "'Wii 2' in production, confirms Nintendo", apparently indicating the successor to the console is ready for manufacturing. Another piece on the site titled "Wii Music Miyamoto's last idea'" gave the impression that the legendary game designer had finally hit a creative wall after three decades at Nintendo.

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Le-mo3788d ago

Hey Nintendo, how about using the profits you've made to get better players for the Seattle Mariners?

pwnsause3787d ago

lmao, nintendo owns %50 percent of the mariners right?

Prismo_Fillusion3787d ago

Uhhh the Mariners had one of the highest salaries in baseball to start off the year. They also made a huge trade for Bedard. They were widely considering a high condender to make the playoffs, but somehow they ended up being a huge bust.

mistertwoturbo3787d ago

the Wii 2 better be in 720p

solidt123787d ago

Well by the time the Wii 2 launches HD will be the standard and we will no longer be able to get TV in the US without a digital convert of some type. No store sells tube televisions no more so it only makes since to make the next Wii a pure HD system. The HD adoption in the US has picked up. In Europe the adoption rate is more but Wii are catching up. lol

mistertwoturbo3787d ago

Yeah, but hopefully it will have real next-gen Nintendo games. I drool at a true Zelda game with amazing graphics and gameplay.

PistolPumptMonk3787d ago

Yep thats what I tell all my friends who maintain the view that the wii is "not that bad" and that the franchise sequels are "pretty good."

Just imagine what they COULD have been like if they had been developed with the power of PS3/360. Theres no telling how awesome a Mario game or Zelda game could have been on a true HD system with some real horsepower.

Better late then never I suppose...

--Onilink--3787d ago

Whats good about games like zelda or mario has nothing to do with graphics and horsepower, they are all about gameplay. Maybe something like metroid could fall on that category, but the asumption that those games could be better just because of pretty graphics is lame

PistolPumptMonk3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

So according to your argument, graphical updates are meaningless and we should have stuck with the snes days. Which means we never would have seen Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, etc.

More horsepower BREEDS better gameplay along with better graphics. Its not just the graphics keeping games like Fallout 3, GTA IV, MGS4, and Devil May Cry away from the Wii, it is the Wii's simple inability to handle all of that information, even if the graphics were dumbed down.

I didn't say graphics would make the games better. I said the POWER of the PS3/360 would make the games better. More horsepower = better graphics, more interactive worlds, more complex gameplay, etc.

I like how you start by saying they aren't about horsepower and finish by only mentioning pretty graphics, as if they are the same thing.

Just because I like my innovation in ways that don't include me waving my hands around while playing slight upgrades to great games doesn't mean you have to attack me.

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NoxiousD3787d ago

I wonder what happened, I have ideas for the Wii!!! wth was it just truly a gimmick and fad

pwnsause3787d ago

they're realizing that the wii is a freaking gimmick and also its not going to surpass PS2 sales. the wii is not a marathon runner. to be a marathon runner, you have to cater to the hardcore and the casuals. that how the PS1 and PS2 became successful.

Prismo_Fillusion3787d ago

And MS is working on the next Xbox, and Sony is working on the next Playstation. These systems take many years to develop - they're always working on the next system as soon as one is released.

mikeslemonade3787d ago

Considering how long Nintendo takes to do things and ramp up on supply it won't be out for another 2 years. If they go out too early then they will miss the easy money that they are making right now.

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