You made it, you pay for it

From the article: "Creators of violent video games should be prosecuted if copycats take their content into real life. It's high time game makers face the legal consequences of their creations, a top government official says.

This reaction comes in the wake of a brutal slaying of a city taxi driver by a teenager obsessed with blood-and-guts shoot-'em-up game Grand Theft Auto. He wanted to see if robbing and killing a cabbie was as easy in real life as on screen.

Grand Theft Auto has been criticised for depicting violence including beatings, car-jackings, drive-by shootings, drunk driving and prostitution.

"When a player copycats a crime he or she sees in the game, the game maker should be prosecuted," says Somchai Jaroen-amnuaysuk, the deputy director of the Welfare Promotion, Protection and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups Office.

"Prosecutions will automatically force game makers to act more responsibly," Somchai says.

Dr Somprot Sarakosas, a former spokesman of the Human Security and Social Development Ministry, agrees the government should explore legal avenues against all parties responsible for such violence."

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Le-mo3782d ago

How about "You commit the crime, you pay for it." Developers are not responsible for the actions committed by our fellow human being nor can they stop it.

VampHuntD3782d ago

And also how about "Where the hell are your parents and why didn't they raise you to know the difference between games and reality?" Seriously, when are people going to wake up and realize that a game didn't make any commit any crimes. Just like music didn't make little gang banger kids get guns and shoot each other up. People are still responsible for their actions....unless we humans are much more weak minded than I thought before..

StephanieBBB3782d ago

omg it's amazing how they can allow stupid people like this to exist in such high positions... Bush being a prime example.

DolphGB3782d ago

In fact here's the comment I put up at the source website (in case they never publish it):

"What a ridiculous premise.

So, if we all lived by the rules set down by Somchai Jaroen-amnuaysuk we would produce no books, no movies, no games, no music, no art. Nothing.

Why would we produce any fictional or artistic output when there is a real fear of being prosecuted?

When are people going to stop blaming the games (like they did with books, rock music, Elvis, movies) and start solving the problem at source?

A psychotic will perform these actions regardless of the 'trigger events' that surround him/her - it is not the fault of the game. The game did not make a killer.

Why hasn't anyone questioned why an adult, at 19 years old, has such low moral judgement that he can't see what is right versus wrong, fiction versus real-life? If you're going to sue anyone for the actions of this individual, sue the parents, teachers, friends, family and anyone else who has had a hand in his (lack of) moral upbringing."

mistertwoturbo3782d ago

This kind of stuff probably spawns from the same kind of people who say "Guitar Hero is stupid. Go play a real guitar"

So they figure why play GTA, they go out and kill real people.

But I agree, They gotta stop blaming games for the person's action.

LastDance3782d ago

Bubbles steph....Couldnt agree more.

valknight3782d ago

The first thing that someone should have mentioned is that the gamer was a TEENAGER, now if they were 18 then i guess it dont matter, but if you arent 18 legally you cant buy the game, so the developer should have no liability, you wouldnt sue budweiser for your kid dieing of alchohol poisoning, so why blame a video game company for what some moron did and used a game developer as a scapegoat

Tarasque3782d ago

Ok well if that is the case. Then all media need's to hold responsibility such as movie's, new's, music and so on. Or how about the parent's be held responsible for their child's action's. Nobody ever want's to take the blame for their action's anymore.

IdleLeeSiuLung3781d ago

I completely agree and to add to that statement. Perhaps we should sue the carmakers, because they make the cars that people get injured in. We should then extend that to cordless phones, because that can influence a person to hit somebody in the head with it....

BattleAxe3781d ago

I think that the kid who killed the taxi driver was going to commit a murder whether or not he played GTA4. If the government starts getting involved then what does this mean for movies aswell? Censorship is the beginning of the destruction of free speech.

JsonHenry3781d ago

So what if I started robbing money from the rich? Should Disney be prosecuted because I watched Robin Hood as a kid?

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Max Power3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

apparently we are all sheep. No original violent act has been thought on our own, its the video game developers fault. "i didn't stab that man repeatedly it was Rockstar!"

player9113782d ago

I'm suing McDonalds for making Hamburgers and causing me to get fat!

beoulve3781d ago

player911, too late, someone already did.

Sarick3781d ago

Just do a google search for : game violence study.

Several studies have been done that in some cases have positive effects.

Most stable people can differentiate reality from fiction and realise right from wrong. Most of the big crimes linked to gaming in general have been confirmed to have mental instability as a primary cause.

I think it's like driving a car. In a normal persons hands with a stable mind it's enjoyable and a feasible mode of transportation. In the hands of someone whose mentally unstable ut can be a very deadly weapon. Just think of someone driving down new york on the sidewalks running people down.

Do you blame the car manufacture for the deaths or the driver?

Master Obivion3782d ago

I think this is a stupid move on the part of all the americans who think that just beacuse its shown on the game its like a call for the people to do it.everybody is resposible for what they do.they have been violent movies for as long as i can remember,and never have they been blamed for stuff such as this,at least that i know of.And movies show real people doing it.but they know its a a video game u r making the moves and everything.but there should be no foul on the game developers for entertaining the audience.the same way a movie or a book might have violence,they are for this is not logical beacuse a)this country was founded and controled by violence,still is to this day why can we see the movies about the civil war and wwii and be entertained by violence and watch another about a policeman fighting crime and enjoy it,but God forbid we play a violent game,unless its about whats previosly stated. b)were making these dumb ass comments while we are out on a war that has no cause?killing for no reason?so its okay to send a 18 year old man to get slaughtered in the war but its not ok to let him play a violent game? basically this whole article is about how the developers should stop making the games so violent.there is a large core audience that roars for mature games and they plan to dumb em down.most of my games in my library are rated M.and i play them for theyre story or gameplay,but the violence is key to making these games feel just its stupid to rant about making games softer on the violence beacuse your going to pay the price if something happens,beacuse they have no play in this,take a game like GTA,it has always been a game against violence in my view,beacuse it shows what it can do to u,the life of crime,the paranoidness and the emotions it takes you through.people have theyre own view,everybodys an invidual thats gonna decide theyre own fate,so by no way should the games be blamed for making people go crazy and live out their fantasies in real life,and in no way does this pardon what the person did.

drdistracto7073782d ago

Usually i would be insulted if someone bashed my home country, but i actually agree! "If you cant do the time, dont commit the crime"

beyond that, what criminal act is there, not to mention criminal intent! Stupid politians! (even stupider kids)

FantasyStar3782d ago

Sometimes Violence is needed to flesh out the story to a certain degree for the right impact. We wouldn't be so torn by Niko's actions if he didn't do what he did. After all, he's just a guy that does what he has to do to accomplish his own goals in life. Also....

Can you please edit your post so you got spaces between that long line of text? I'm not calling you out, but your post is kinda hard to read because of lack of punctuation to make clear of your points. Thanks.

Bangladesh3782d ago

These politicians blame the real culprit, mental illness.

xhi43782d ago

Each human being has free will to make the choices they want. If they see a brutal death in a film and copy that in real life, that is their action and have to live by that decision.

The same goes for games, if a person shoots somebody in a video game and then re-enacts that in real life, it isn't the developer controlling that persons decision to re-enact the action, all the millions of people playing the same game did not make the decision to randomly shoot twelve people on the street. You live by the decisions you make in life.

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