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The Rarest and Most Valuable Dreamcast Games

The Dreamcast is a perfect example of a console that had relatively low commercial success, but a huge underground following after its death. These two factors help brew up a strong library of games that have high collectibility among gamers that are just now finding out what was so great about the Dreamcast. (Culture)

Le-mo  +   2177d ago
I'd love a next-gen Power Stone, make it happen Capcom!
Skadoosh  +   2177d ago
I was never able to find Power-Stone 2 :( I remember trying to hard to find it.
pwnsause  +   2177d ago
Dreamcast had solid games back at its time before it died out of nowhere. one such game i had so many memories of other than Shenmue or Sonic was Sword of the Berserk. that game was pretty good.
Dark General  +   2177d ago
Sword of the Berseker
Made me start liking Hack and Slash games. Plus it introduced me to quick time events. GoW reminds me of it quite a bit but it's much more in depth and does more than Berserker but it was still an amazing game.
Marceles  +   2177d ago
Alot of Capcom games
Skerj  +   2177d ago
I have all of the Capcom games, Japanese and US. Oh I only have the Japanese 3rd Strike though, I like the cover better.
Rob0g0rilla  +   2177d ago
MVC1 > SF 3rd Strike > Fatal Fury MotW > MVC2 > Power Stone

I'm surprised this game isn't on the list.


I already own it but it still goes for a nice amount on ebay and there's only 2 available on ebay.


This guy has a bid for the game and it's starting at a whooping 80 dollars.


Lol, still haven't put my Dreamcast away.
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SL1M DADDY  +   2177d ago
The game that I loved most...
Was Skies of Arcadia. It was the best console RPG I had ever played next to FFVII and it gave me plenty of hours of fun on the DC. The DC is still one of my all time favorite consoles. Sega GT was the whip too!
Garrison  +   2177d ago
Im so mad that my last dreamcast died in a month.
And the first one withing a year, I guess I had bad luck with the console. It's still one of my favorites by far.
Mr402  +   2177d ago
Never jumped on the dreamcast bandwagon.
My friend had one though and we played marvel vs capcom till our thumbs bled. That game was awesome in so many ways. Graphics gameplay and a ton of characters to use. Also a lot of the staples in gaming today the Dreamcast was a prototype for it seems.
protekjv  +   2177d ago
ahh yes.......
Project Justice one of my favorites.
Skerj  +   2177d ago
Man, it's my favorite 3d fighter of all time, followed by its predecessor. I was just sad that they killed one of my combos with Hyo, but Ran and the board game more than make up for it.
protekjv  +   2177d ago
one day they will port them to the current consoles
jinn  +   2177d ago
Soul Caliber and Marvel vs Capcom 2
KillaManiac  +   2177d ago
They made a Dreamcast Love Hina game?

Great funny anime....prob some terrible japan dating sim game (don't know what else it could possibly be).

Funny though!

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