Traveller's Tales' Jon Burton interview from Videogame Impact Report

The Cut Scene writes: "Continuing our series of excerpts from the interviews we conducted for Variety's videogame impact report, here's an interview with Jon Burton, president of "Lego Star Wars" developer Traveller's Tales, which was acquired by Warner Bros. last year for a reported $200 million-plus. The interview was conducted by Variety reviewer, GamaSutra news director, and SexyVideogameLand proprietor Leigh Alexander.

Leigh finds out some fun things from Jon, including why getting acquired by a big publisher like Activision wouldn't have been a good fit, indications that there are more Lego games based on Warner Bros. properties beyond "Lego Batman" in the works, and hints that he's interested in making animated films."

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stick to LEGO games because you haven't done anything else that's good