Fury To Shut Down Within 48 Hours

The massively hyped MMO game Fury has finally succumb to the pressures of a poor reception at launch and announced that it will cease to provide a gaming service. Citing the lack of profitibilty but retaining an optimism for a possible future in some shape, for the moment it is time to lay down your weapons.

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Polluted3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

That sucks for fans of the game.

There are fans out there, right?

Hello? ...Nevermind

Dark General3781d ago

It didn't have a chance. Well it did but it fell flat and never truly got up. Gamecock is starting to look like hack jobs a bit. I was all for them publishing some offbeat interesting titles but besides dementia the ward all their titles have been busts.

Lumbo3781d ago

Never heard of this, what was it about?

ice_prophecy3781d ago

I feel sorry the Australian company that came out with this.

stpiio3781d ago

I can't believe i downloaded this game two weeks ago and now it's already closing. By i understand why the servers are closing down, poor population and gameplay. I stopped playing this game after 3 days when i realized that i was fighting bots in the pvp. For a game that focuses on pvp i wouldn't want to be fighting bots!

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