Opinion: Fanboys Can F*** Off

This article at gameplayer looks at the backlash against the new Diablo, and explains why the fanboys have got it wrong:

"Yes, fanboys are entitled to share their opinions. But that's doesn't mean they know what they're talking about."

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Bombibomb3758d ago

Every 360 owner, basically. You're all a bunch of losers.

dktxx23758d ago

fanboys aren't limited to one console dude. There are ps3, 360, and Wii fanboys out there. And they all suck.

BabyStomper50003758d ago

I'm an Atari Jaguar fanboy. Haven't even played it before, but it's the sh111111t!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3758d ago

It is not humanly possible to be more hypocritical than that.

dictionary description "hypocrite" Synonyms deceiver, dissembler, pretender, pharisee. A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. See also (Bombibomb)

BabyStomper50003758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Yeah if someone doesn't think Diablo or Fallout 3 will be good because it's a little different than the ones before it, they should just shut up and not effing play it.
I for one already have Fallout 3 reserved and can't wait. Some guy at quakecon told me he'd played it at E3 and that you can blow people's heads off and pick up fragments (eyes, ears, etc.) afterward.


BabyStomper50003758d ago

How can you disagree with my boner??

dktxx23758d ago

One thing that really pissed me off a while back, while I was waiting for Diablo 3, I would check into and there was an online community like I have never seen before. These people had been waiting for a Diablo 3 announcement for 2-3 years and everyday they'd read up on any little piece of information that could be possible evidence for diablo 3. And when those D3 rumors started pooping right before the WWI, all these new people started joining the forums, flooding it, which was fine. New people are always welcome. But the minute that D3 was announced and the first footage was shown, then those new guys started the b!tching about the graphics. Those faithful who had been on that forum every single day for years never got the chance to celebrate what they had waited so long for. Instead the stupid spoiled blizzard fanboys who heard about the game a week before the announcement and said "Oh gee, I've been waiting forever for D3!" couldn't be happy about an announcement and ruined such a good day for the true fans. Don't know if that relates to the story or not, but when I think fanboy, that story comes to my mind.

BabyStomper50003758d ago

Yeah that sucks. People are noobs. They need to shut up and play GTA4 or something.

cyclindk3758d ago

Hi, this is actually a comment for BabyStomper5000 though not directly related to his comment on the article but about his use of the term "noobs." I'm affiliated with the Organization for the Nonproliferation of Internet Slang or ONIS for short, and our goal is to halt the spread and use of internet lingo that have become a staple of forums and blogs all around the web and stand as a debasement to the English language... does this sound sort of legit to you? If it does use it on other people for fun and see if it catches...:)

games4fun3758d ago

after reading your paragraph i cant help but feel how po'ed you must have been.

It reminds me of the times on N4g when someone makes an account that is a day old and then denounces the site as a ps3 only supporting site.

I was here a year ago when over 100 comments would be only about how the ps3 was going to fail along with bluray. And it was news item after news items usually duplicates that were around 3-4 duplicates of a pro 360 article that hated on the ps3

This site posts news articles no matter what they are as long as they are submitted have you seen the stuff that gets thru? i mean cmon anyone who says this site is biased just needs to follow the simple steps and become a contributor.

The reason why i dont leave this site is because it hates on everything of every console ;)

BabyStomper50003758d ago

LOLZ LAWL LAWLZ h4h4h4h4h4h44h4h. Hmm... doesn't really sound legit but who knows, I'm too lazy to look it up so I'll take your word for it ;)

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highps33758d ago

This is going no where fast.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3758d ago

Fanboys rule core gaming, devs make games to please the core by reading and paying attention to fanboy feedback. Casual not so much, there is no core fanbase there. It's the fanboy masses that realy decide how sequals end up.

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