Konami Interview: Committed to Core Gamers, MGS doesn’t need Kojima

Gameondaily interview Graham Day, the UK Community Manager for Konami who discusses their recent successes, the future of MGS without Konami and why Konami are committed to core gamers and that talks of them abandoning them for the mobile market is a result of media misinformation.

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d_g901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

it’s like saying earth doesn’t need water

MGS has always been a Hideo Kojima Game

Volkama901d ago

Without Kojima working on the next Metal Gear Solid the entire population of earth will die?

Hmmm. I don't think I'll pre-order that.

d_g901d ago

it was just example of the Relationship between MGS and Kojima ;)

ravinash901d ago

Now we know the reason for that super blood moon.

ssj27901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Ok if you had a baby and after 20 years you teach him every idea you had in those 20 year's you think your kid wont survive from now on without you? Lol
Kojima ego is bigger than I though and he even transmit it to his fans.

Kojima is a great director but a troll after all not the best or the only one. Hopefully the new director is good. It could be bad but it could also be better. And if is bad they can bring a new director until finding the right one and if they loose the new right director new talent will step in.

Imalwaysright901d ago

Kojima was the director, producer and writer of MGS games.

ssj27901d ago

So kojima did everything let's leave him alone to make the whole game. This is a insult to the others who work next to him to bring the game you play. Without his team and konami helps kojima would have ben noting. Just like I'm noting because I got no team or budget helping create games or whatever I want to do. This guy kojima does not understand the luck and appreciation he sould have. Just because you think kojima is superior to you doesn't mean it's the best.. I'm sure ai can make a mgs game way better than him. Because i understand what the fans love and have the idea's to step up the quality of the ip to new standards and I'm sire like me there are 1000 others . Hopefully one gets the right job and do justice to a ip that many love and are so pasional about. Konami eill not sale the ip and will continue to use it and make more mgs and you and other wishing them to fail just because kojima is not part of it is sad. You guy cant call yourself a gamer end of it but juat blind stupid fanboys

BlackTar187901d ago

Confirmed SSj works for the new Kojimbo productions at Konami.

Imalwaysright901d ago

All I said was that Kojima wasn't just a director... but thanks for the laugh!!

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VER1ON901d ago

Ok well, that's a statement. Guess we'll see how they do when they have commited themselves to mobile titles..

Dragonking007901d ago

I think we are giving kojima a little too much credit lets not all get ahead of ourselves thank the production team aswell without them the game wouldn't of been possible sure kojima directed the series for years but im sure by now devs from kojima production have gotten a good idea of what makes his titles significantly different from all the others. Im actually more then happy then happy that kojima moved on to do his own thing without limiting to konamis ways now hes his own leader and can choose what he wants to work on and with who he wants to work with and how he wants to do it.

Moe-Gunz901d ago

Sorry but no. Kojima's mind is what drives the series. It is his influence that makes it special. You can't try to replicate what he brings to the table. Yes the production team deserves an immense amount of credit, but let's not pretend like Kojima isn't the heart of the series. It will never be the same without him and they tried before.

Angerfist901d ago

Yes. There are those small nuances that make it a Kojima Game. But i also have to say that MGS5 isnt as good as MGS4 as far as being a Metal Gear Game is. The environments arent that diverse, the whole presentation felt better in 4.
I understand though that its closer to Peace Walker then the Standard Games. Meaning many small Operations instead of one big per Level.

DiscoKid901d ago

Kojima is not a god; you guys give him far too much praise. He is not the only developer with a vivid outlook on game design.

Spectre_StatusN7901d ago


No one claimed he is a god or that he is the only developer with a vivid outlook on game design. However to say MGS will be fine without him is borderline insanity. Kojima is Metal Gear Solid, period. The franchise would not be where it is today, it would not have the historical gaming significance it does without him. I'm sure anybody that's worked under him in development would agree with that and most of the people here who recognize Kojima's greatness.

Systemshock2901d ago

His mind compelled him to ripoff half Splintercell and half GTAV in MGSV taking 7 years with gutted content and chapters.

BlackTar187901d ago

yea it's not kojima /s

Policenauts/Snatchers(Persona l Favorite Kojima game)/zone of enders/MGS yep anyone can hit a home run every time they make a game like Kojima

Sorry but in the video game world Kojima is a god and for good reason he makes amazing games and has amazing direction.

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_-EDMIX-_901d ago

Nope. Look at Kojimas work....look at Konami's other titles. He stands above MOST game developers in terms of seeking a concept, Metal Gear would have NEVER been what you see it without this man pushing for that concept.

In 1998...voice acting in a game was debated greatly as many folks stated "its a game not a movie" would be debated if a damn game didn't have voice acting lol.

He pioneered not only a genre, but the whole gaming industry as a whole.

MGS1 literally is like a low res version of game released..>TODAY! That is as revolutionary as you get with a game.

If you release MGS1 today with just better graphics, it very much can hide among other titles lol. He drove that concept, not Konami as I'm pretty damn sure they would not go that expensive route, especially if many, many teams where not doing that at that time.

I'm happy he moved on too as Konami is very much making bad changes to the MGS series to bank on it (rightfully so as a businessman ,HELL NO as a gamer) I'm ok with him leaving as under Konami, they would merely stifle his creativity.

Look at Konami now...look at Capcom now...its very, very clear why developers are leaving both those publishers.

Look what Capcom is doing to RE...look what Konami did with Castlevania. He great is RE now? Yet Evil Within is clearly a better RE game then RE5-6 etc lol. Look at DMC4 and DmC...they don't hold a candle to Bayonetta 1 or 2..why? Again...look at the team making it.

Kojima will like many other his vision and team is what held that IP up, when he leaves...expect what happened to DMC ,RE etc to very much happen to MGS, games don't have great track records with the directors gone, teams gone etc.

cough Bioshock 2 cough lol

I also don't think this dude has a clue of what he is talking about either, Konami's statements where pretty clear..oh they are dedicated to games alright...MOBILE lol

Systemshock2901d ago

You probably havent played Thief, way above and beyond MGS in stealth mechanics and storytelling.
MGS was result of frustration of making a hollywood movie.

Greysturm901d ago

Maybee the originals but the reboot is far below from anywhere near mgs. Also Mgs evolved a lot faster than thief ever did and if we argue story you love or hate mgs, you just dont care abput thief

dumahim901d ago

You mean the production team Kojima couldn't trust Rising with? The production company that has been shut down?

Melankolis901d ago

I disagree with you, but, i hope you're right.

christian hour901d ago

Emulated products rarely work as good as the real thing. If you think they can emulate what Kojima brought to the franchise, his brain child, then you understand very little of the creative process and waht an Auteur brings to the table.

Its kinda wierd, i'm seeing parallels to how he feels for the franchise, within the story. He tried to leave after MGS2, then stepped back in the directors chair because he wasn't happy with how it was going with him as a supervising producer. Kinda like how a double agent switches things up ala The Boss ;)

Then you have The Boss's AI put in to a metal gear in Peacewalker, kinda like how Konami are going to try and fabricate Kojimas style and ethos in to future Metal Gear games. He must have known this was coming and it obviously sparked the idea of The Boss's AI etc.

Of course none of that is very plausible, its just fun to make connections in light of recent developments :) Like those fanatics who watch The Shining backwards and forwards at the same time XD

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