Konami Interview: Committed to Core Gamers, MGS doesn’t need Kojima

Gameondaily interview Graham Day, the UK Community Manager for Konami who discusses their recent successes, the future of MGS without Konami and why Konami are committed to core gamers and that talks of them abandoning them for the mobile market is a result of media misinformation.

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The_Infected689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

"MGS doesn’t need Kojima"

Haha ok. We'll see how that works out for you.

NukaCola688d ago

I guess we can wait and see. If Konami makes a MGS 6, we can find out then.

moldybread688d ago

kojima is mgs so i doubt it will be the same but people need to stop acting like without kojima, konami is doomed. they still have lots of good ip's and games like pes are excellent.

Baka-akaB688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

lot's of Ips they didn't use ( or released mediocre games for the past decade . Some ips they purchased and didnt even do a single thing with since acquisition

There is a good reason you could only name PES from the top of your head . They aint doomed , and can quite obviously go through a radical shift , and release quality games should they care to ...

But do they want to ?

ABizzel1688d ago


Please do name these "good ip's" that had "good games" last-generation that didn't involve Kojima.

The only good games they had last gen were Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Rising, Castlevania Lord of Shadows, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. All of which Kojima Productions had their hands in.

Konami should have been renamed to Kojima Productions.

moldybread688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

dance dance revolution is still a big title for them, although not my cup of tea

no more heroes

silent hill

metal gear solid is sill theirs, not owned by kojima





def jam

zone of the enders (owned by konami)


Baka-akaB688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

70-80% of what you listed doesnt have a recent sequels or a good enough one besides the obvious regular titles .

Nor arent planned yet for sequels .

And come on it's obvious you are scrapping the barrel with titles like No More Heroes . It's not even their ip , they had one distribution deal once for the international version on ps3 ...

And why do you even feel the need to list the obvious like MGS ?

I'll tell you what you even see a lot of Hudson Soft games perperties even being used since their purchase ? Nope

Do you even see a real suikoden around ? Didnt Lord of Shadows fizzled out with a shameful sequel , and with Iga gone from the real ones ?

We mostly had a good Hard corps contra title from Arcsys , among the underused and forgotten ips , with not even a sequel in sight .

688d ago
bmf7364688d ago

They need to complete MGSV's story. Then the best course of action for Metal Gear is to do a retelling of the MSX titles and move forward with Metal Gear Rising. Chronologically, it all ends at MGS4 for Solid Snake, Zero, The Patriots. MGS5 was meant to fill the time gap between Peace Walker and Metal Gear 1.

zekk688d ago

Moody u didn't put suikoden. On that list.... :(

christian hour688d ago


They already finished the MGSV story, its continued in metal gear 1/2, metal gear solid 1, 2 and 4.

Spotie688d ago

That list of yours kinda proved people's point, moldy.

Konami isn't doing anything with most of those franchises, and the few they ARE doing something with aren't very memorable outings.

This wouldn't even be a debate if they were putting out quality titles- or titles at ALL- with some of those well-known and loved franchises like Suikoden, but they just aren't doing that.

morganfell688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Well I don't need you Konami. There is a Japanese company out there doing some amazing things for PlayStation:

DemonChicken688d ago (Edited 688d ago )


"Gameondaily interview Graham Day, the UK Community Manager for Konami who discusses their recent successes, the future of MGS without Konami and why Konami are committed to core Pachinko gamers.

... and that talks of them abandoning them for the mobile market is a result of media misinformation /s."

Putting that you got rid of one of your best developers (adding the fox engine tech director left) and the fact I am still salty about PT of which you replaced with a pachinko machine rings so much bells. Your PR talk is not working!

@ morganfell

Semi agree due to the fact that we need to beg for those games to come over here. All Sega of America is interested in is bloody sonic (just look at their blog =___=")

I probably be like the guy in the trailer before we even get it that game over here. We are still waiting for 5 and 0 is no where in sight and they just announced remake of 1 and 6.

cell989688d ago

It would be non-cannon therefor irrelevant. I would not purchase it. Before you bring the diplomatic argument "lets wait and see" no just no. The arrogance of this company kills any interest I might have had for their future games. That arrogance will carry over to the next MG installment, if they ever dare to make one. No Kojima no metal gear, period.

hay688d ago

Oh yeah, like hell they can exchange one man with passion for a bunch of obedient wannabes and call it a success.

DigitalHope688d ago

Last time they made a Metal Gear game without Kojima, it was ignored out of existence. Got a feeling it will be the same the second time around.

moldybread688d ago

personally i think kojima is the one who is going to have a harder time moving on than konami. konami may not be doing much with ip's like castlevania but it's there. seems like a lot of japanese studios suffered last generation. you have the overly expensive ps3 to make games on but very difficult and time consuming. then you had the xbox 360 which the brand continues to fail in japan. lastly you had the wii which complicated things even further for developers trying to make money.

that's why it's good to see the ps4 do so well which can hopefully revitalize that market which in the past moved on to portable development. which also hopefully means more input from konami.

rainslacker688d ago (Edited 688d ago )


Wouldn't go so far as to say that Konami is doomed. But their problems are much more extensive than their relationship with Kojima. Kojima leaving certainly won't destroy the company.

I doubt Kojima will have much trouble moving on. Can't imagine any publisher that wouldn't allow him to make a game. Whether he wants to continue in the AAA market, or move over to the indie scene like many other big devs have remains to be seen.

I'd imagine the second his name comes up for a new IP, it's going to have huge hype. I also wouldn't doubt if he already is in place at a new studio, but everyone is being quiet about it.

ABizzel1688d ago

name these "good ip's" that had "GOOD GAMES" last-generation.

Dance Dance.....really

no more heroes. Not their's

silent hill.... "GOOD GAMES"

metal gear solid is sill theirs, not owned by kojima....."that didn't involve Kojima"

gradius.....finally getting something

castlevania......the 1 good last-gen Castlevania was Lord of Shadow's and Kojima co-produced it.

yu-gi-oh.....What can you really do to mess up this franchise, it's like giving a developer credit for making a good Uno game, although they did co-create it, so I'll give you 1.

pes.....Finally a pure good game. 2.

def jam....."GOOD GAME"

zone of the enders (owned by konami) "that didn't involve Kojima"

contra...."Last-gen" ;

Yeah really digging the bottom of the barrel there, and did nothing, but prove they've been a horrible developer / publisher and Kojima Productions were the true talent turing the mediocre games they made into actual good games, and making their most successful franchise Metal Gear.

Kojima Productions is better off without them, and Konami is headed the way of the A Tier developer, except they're C Tier at best, with former classic franchises that will soon be replaced by Kojima Productions.

abstractel688d ago

Who with talent and choice would choose to work at Konami considering their now out in the open hostile work environment? I think it'll be tough for them to find the talent to make a quality game.

christian hour688d ago


No WAY! Takeshi Kitano!? I think i'll be buying my first ever Yakuza game so :)

fr0sty688d ago

At this point, I'm not going to support them no matter what they do. They have proven their fan base means nothing to them.

XisThatKid688d ago

Yup star wars can come without Lucas, Harry potter without jk

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_-EDMIX-_688d ago

Agreed. When you laugh so hard...a tear rolls down your cheek.

Yukes688d ago

You know what, maybe he's right? Maybe a follow-up MGS game will actually be a solid title in its own right. But it'll always be compared to Kojima's masterpieces, and it'll always come out of the scrap worst off.

You've burnt too many bridges, Konami. We will never forget....

"Oooh, look! A new Assassin's Creed! Let's pre-order it!" Sorry, I digress.

cell989688d ago

theyre gonna F**k with the story, any MGS hardcore fan will have a problem with that

rainslacker688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

It could end up being the best MGS game ever, but it will never get a fair shake by the community. Reviewers may or may not be impartial. It'd be very hard to go into another MGS game without knowing what happened, and it causing a bias among the MGS fan.

In any case, maybe just let the series go for a while. It's not the kind of game that needs to have a release every couple years.

Kojima set the bar pretty high with the series, and that's going to be hard to match if the game is turned out in a publisher committee style which looks at what focus groups want.

Helios86688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Haha my thoughts exactly. The thing is that MGS is very much Kojimas thing, without Kojima it would be a completely different thing it's got a very personal flair.

Mark my words whatever comes next it will be a complete disaster in terms of being an MGS game.

No Kojima, no Igarashi, no Yamaoka and Silent Hill. They've taken a large dump and lost all their key profiles within the company.

But hey I wish them all the luck with their mobile game bullcrap and slots-machines or whatever it is they do now.

ssj27688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Kojima and all those guys are director's and more.. great at what they did but just employees who act like they are the Big bosses and they are not, that qualify as trouble makers and got dismiss in mgsv terms.

By the way I can't believe nobody has noticed that MGSV was meant to be sold by parts.. but somehow in the last minute they decide to sale the game as a whole and I haven't seen the end but many are complaining because it feels incomplete because maybe it's. And that is why everytime you finish a mission we see who did thr levels abd all that. And after a while we see to be continued like every other episodic game that makes you wait for new dlc. I'm at 41%.

Anyways.. glad to see konami will not focus on mobile like the haters were saying and glad to see it's all a lie.

If konami is jealous of Assasins creed yearly release and kojima hated that, I can see why they fired kojima. And maybe they now want to make MGS a yearly release game? It's very functional as a business strategy. They just need to have at least two separate studios working on a two years terms and if is successful. . Make it 3 team's for a 3 years term to level up the quality of the game. Because two years terms will obviously lower the quality of any game.

Not saying I agree with this kind of things but it does work great for games.

For example PES gets a yearly release and if the game at least sales 2 millions copies a yeat for 10 years that is over a billion dollars in those 10 year's and those numbers are amazing just for one ip. If they can do the same with MGS and other IPs that is many billions in a 10 year's term. And that is if it at least sale 2million which is very easy to do for this two ips they could easily sale 4 millions a yearly if they are done right. Or more.

The original director creator's are important but it's not the end of the IP if they are gone, silent hill has suffered but they have done other good enough silent hill after the main director was gone. Gow got actually better after David jeff was gone. It all depends on if the new director is good and smart enough. . The ip and ideas are created all you need to do is copy them, since you own the rights and maybe add some twist that fans ask for or remove things that fan complaints about and you get a nee release without the original director that fans of the ip will love.

BlackTar187688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Sorry you lost me when you said they are just employees. Sorry dude but Kojima is big boss and he alone has kept their Console games in business.

Without him no one knows but saying just employees and trouble makers could not be any further from the truth.

GOW didn't get better imo GOW2 was the best in the series IMO.

Also Silent hill has had nothing but below avg games for like 10yrs now. People weren't excited for the PT demo because of silent hill as much as they were for Kojima and Del toro to be making it. Which is why Silent hill barely sells now of days.

_-EDMIX-_688d ago

@ssj- "By the way I can't believe nobody has noticed that MGSV was meant to be sold by parts"

smh, can't believe you've never played Peace Walker....

psman012688d ago

Such a big stink was made over David hayter being replaced by kiefer, imagine the backlash without kojima....I can't even imagine.

cell989688d ago

we now know why Hayter could not voice Venom Snake in MGSV. And it wasnt causehe was older, no spoilers but there is a legit reason why Hayter is not the voice of Venom Snake. This is the last time a doubt Kojima, he always knew better

Hold_It688d ago

It really doesn't. Contrary to popular belief Kojima isn't the only person who worked on the Metal Gear series.