Gravity Rush Plays Brilliantly on... PlayStation TV? So Do Other Unsupported Games

The Games Cabin's Chris takes some of the PS Vita's best games for a spin on the PSTV, even though Sony says they won't work. Turns out, they actually work a treat and if you've got a DualShock 4 hooked up to the tiny console then you're golden.

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AizenSosuke1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Wow it's so smooth even though it's not supported Sony Wizards.

chrish19901088d ago

Just hope sony doesnt patch a fix in an update, because this is brilliant. Im skipoing the gravity rush remaster so long as I can play the vita one on tv

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Since I cant delete this post that was duplicated..... Im enticed to buy a PS TV now that this hack has come to light. Awesome to see its working so well

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1088d ago

^^ this is why Sony doesn't "Officially" allow certain games to work. $$$

SoapShoes1088d ago

I have been playing GR on PSTV but I'm still getting the remaster for better graphics and to support the devs so GR doesn't end with the second.

Spotie1088d ago

@NeckBeard: Yeah, because it makes more sense for them to spend more money developing a remaster of a game they then HOPE you buy to recoup costs...

TWB1088d ago

Yeah, Im considering getting Wipeout or Gravity Rush now because I have the PS TV but only have played some the digital games that I already owned and were compatible.

I'll just wait and see if they are going to release a new Firmware version because if they are not going to patch it out, they are probably "reseting" the list which you can probably changes immediately afterwards.

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Yodagamer1088d ago

Well all it does is tell the pstv it can play those games. So it should run just as it would on a vita. Personally i'd love to use this, but i'd want to risk sony possible banning my account.

Shadowsteal1088d ago

This hack isn't doing anything illegal, for you to possibly be banned.

freshslicepizza1088d ago

banning your account because sony doesn't want people to enjoy games the way they want to? interesting.

OhMyGandhi1088d ago

wipeout also looks amazing on pstv.

Balsanoid1088d ago

And it controls so MUCH better with a DualShock 4! I'm gold medaling some of the races I was having a really hard time achieving on the Vita.

I had wanted a PSTv, but never bought one because of it's slim support of Vita games. I went out and bought one this week though after reading about this hack. So glad I did!

gamer78041088d ago

i'd totally get a pstv if the memory cards were reasonably priced.