Mount dragons, torch civilisations and get motion sickness in Lair

Loads of games come packing some sort of free gift. Badges, posters, a quality Fruit of the Loom T-shirt - the usefulness varies. Now a brown paper bag, neatly folded inside the box of Lair, would be perfect, something you could genuinely get something out of - or rather, put something into. After all, when you've just shelled out nearly half a grand on that super-polished PS3, you're not going to want to chunder all over it, are you?

There's a very real risk of that happening with this dragon-bashing epic, a game threatening to have your arms in knots tighter than a midshipman's hitch. The controller's tilt function adds to the sensation of floating in mid air - tilting it back and forth makes your scaly steed nosedive or climb, tilting it left or right makes the dragon do the same. Jerking the controller violently forwards sends your dragon charging into a dust-up with other dragons.

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Bhai4380d ago

DC rider 360 ??? !!!

videl4380d ago

yes he likes the ps3! like many ppl. this game is awessssssssssssssssssome!

Bhai4380d ago

This title here is the climax of procedural content right now, every little nuance is created in real time rather than fed from the disk. Even the particle systems like rain, fire, smoke, dust and clouds are created live, a living proof of CELL's edge !!!

BadTaste4380d ago

No actually he probably likes this game, unlike you two fanboys who do their best to hate everything 360 related.

MicroGamer4380d ago

" There doesn't seem to be much to do aside from gliding about toasting big lizards, although you can also stomp about barbecuing enemy troops on the ground. It looks incredible though, with plenty of moody atmosphere and minute detail littered throughout levels. The ground beneath you teems with scrapping soldiers and there's a general feeling of bloody chaos, which is always nice. But unless some more can be found for players to do - and there's time yet - this might be fiery eye candy and not a lot more."

Wow, Motorstorm gets canned in one review and now Lair gets peed on in another. The fanboys must be in tears. Their killer apps are falling one by one.

andthensum4380d ago

Microgamer, the micro in your name reflects the size of your brain. After reading this, take time to think, then think some more, and then after that, go get a job because you have no life. Every ps3 article is literally littered with your pointless, worthless comments. If you hate ps3 so much then don't bother reading the articles. Seriously, nobody likes you. And ps, when you do reply to my comment, it only goes further to prove how much of a lifeless idiot you really are because only a loser would have the audacity to come back to a page that has ridiculed him to the point of no redemption. Microgamer, do what your name implies and remain micro and out of the ps3 articles. Case closed.

MicroGamer4380d ago

if Lair plays like 2600 Joust but with prettier graphics. :-P Take it up with the reviewer.

Monchichi0254380d ago

This game reminds me of the Aregon videoGame and that game sucks ass!! I hear this game is quite similar to it except with prettier graphics.

FFVIIFan4380d ago

It indeed looks awesome, but I am a little worried that this will turn out to be nothing more than a hack n slash. I like the general idea, but its just missing somekind of refinment. If somehow they can get a Shadow of Collosus (I know I spelled that wrong) feel to it, then I think this will turn out to be one of the better games in 07, regardless of what system its on.