Halo 3: Bungie Interview

CVG infiltrates the Bungie fortress to get answers on its third massive third shooter instalment.

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Dukester1014352d ago

sounds cooler and cooler everyday! def. looking forward to it next year

DC RID3R4352d ago

of AAA titles stacked up in it's catalogue!!

with the addition of halo 3, 2007 will be DOMINATED by 360 must have titles.

and then..................dx10 hehehee

i pity the fools

Marriot VP4352d ago

One of our favourite parts of the multiplayer game is its vehicles. Can we expect to see more than just the Mongoose?

Lars Bakken: Oh yeah. In Halo 3 we're pushing the vehicles even harder. We're not just using them for combat anymore; we're integrating them into every aspect of the game.


That's all I needed to hear...WOOOOHOOOO

PS360PCROCKS4352d ago

I really like the idea about the numbers over peoples heads because it's hard on multiplayer to know who anyone is, and its a pain to bring up the multiplayer screen just to see who else is alive in GOW