Is The Future Of Gaming Mobile?

Mobile is the future of gaming. You’ve heard this before, haven’t you? But is it actually true?

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uth111147d ago

We've had mobile gaming devices since the 80s. They can never compete with consoles or PCs because they are always less powerful, the games are more limited and then there's the battery which dies on you at the worst times.

phones/tablets don't have good control schemes for many types of games.

I think the only reason kids are gaming on tablets more is parents buy them as baby-sitting devices.

never4get1147d ago

So many Japanese developers go Mobile.
So PS4 should go mobile too. Made a blog about.

chrisx1147d ago

For the best of gaming, hopefully never

Godmars2901147d ago

Technically, as cloud streaming and the like becomes more a thing, yes. With it being made available directly to Bravia TVs, that's exactly what PS Now is.

dillhole1147d ago

If the future of gaming is mobile, it's because the future of people is idiots.

Mobile may have the numbers but it's only because people are such lazy sheep that they'll play anything that doesn't require any thought or effort to win. Games designed to waste time rather than for the enjoyment of playing them. And only a click away. Companies will always pander to this effortless demographic but it will never replace real games. Look at console sales and PC sales - they are thriving.

Testfire1147d ago

I thought we were done with these articles already. Yeah mobile games can rake in revenue like nobody's business, but console/PC games can make great profits too.

Many devs are in the industry because they love what they do, yeah they need to get paid, but they love making, playing games on consoles/PC. As long as they're making games and there are people willing to buy them its not going away.

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The story is too old to be commented.