Should Konami Leave AAA Game Development?

There was a rumor last week that stated Konami is leaving AAA game development, instead focusing on mobile and gambling avenues. While they squashed the rumor, shortly after stating they still intend on making AAA console games and are not leaving Metal Gear Solid behind, gamers should question whether Konami should exit AAA development, given the developer’s/publisher’s troubled past few months.

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ZaWarudo1173d ago

Konami should leave the industry.

BG115791173d ago

I don't know about living AAA right now, but Konami is/was on fire today, and I mean literally on fire!!!

BlackPanther1172d ago

I hope not they have some nice IPs.

Godmars2901172d ago

Yes, since they apparently can't, they should stop trying to make AAA. Go back to making titles which are both creative and done on a minimal budget.

Mind you, they have to have talent to do that. Treat them respectfully.

Lionalliance1172d ago

what talent do they have left?

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The story is too old to be commented.